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Andrew Duncan

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About Me:

"Selling, buying or renting a property can be hassling. Having the right guidance can significantly reduce or eliminate such stress. A professional real estate agent with customer service and banking experience as a mortgage consultant is ideal to guide your sale, purchase or rental of real estate. Bursting with information; my goal is to use my expertise to represent you in an efficient and professional manner, while always having your best interest at heart."

ID Category
Type Listing Type
Price Country
7149 Residential Apartment Sale JMD 19,000,000 Jamaica
7147 Residential House Sale JMD 16,900,000 Jamaica
7130 Residential Vacant Land Sale JMD 24,500,000 Jamaica
7072 Residential Apartment Sale JMD 57,500,000 Jamaica
7068 Residential Farm Sale USD 440,000 Jamaica
7067 Residential Vacant Land Sale JMD 69,000,000 Jamaica
7061 Residential Farm Sale JMD 69,000,000 Jamaica
7058 Residential Townhouse Sale USD 567,000 Jamaica
7055 Residential Vacant Land Sale USD 560,000 Jamaica
7045 Residential Townhouse Sale JMD 135,000,000 Jamaica

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