Kayifi is a free listing, online platform designed for real-estate agents, brokers, landlords, private sellers, buyers, and renters to connect and navigate through all sorts of Caribbean properties within different countries of the Caribbean. Kayifi’s deepest desire is to help promote an open real estate market. We believe that the Caribbean people should be able to have a well-designed real estate platform that reaches across the world. Kayifi uses multiple avenues of marketing: online, media, traditional and affiliated, just to name a few. This is why Kayifi will benefit you in many ways. Kayifi works with small nonprofit organizations and investors that aim to foster growth in the Caribbean. Think of Kayifi as a connection that brings real-estate agents and sellers and buyers together and landlords and tenants together to make selling your property or finding your new place a breeze.

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If you have more questions, reach us at info@kayifi.com or call us directly at +1 (844) 386-4753