Kayifi is a free listing, online platform designed for real-estate agents, brokers, landlords, sellers, buyers, and renters to connect and navigate through all sorts of Caribbean properties within different countries of the Caribbean. Kayifi’s deepest desire is to help promote an open real estate market. We believe that the Caribbean people should be able to have a well-designed real estate platform that reaches across the world. Kayifi uses multiple avenues of marketing: online, media, traditional and affiliated, just to name a few. This is why Kayifi will benefit you in many ways. Kayifi works with small nonprofit organizations and investors that aim to foster growth in the Caribbean. Think of Kayifi as a connection that brings real-estate agents and sellers and buyers together and landlords and tenants together to make selling your property or finding your new place a breeze.

A: Here at Kayifi we thrive to make your experience as a Buyer/Tenant or Seller/Landlord easy, free, and amazing.
For the Seller/Landlord
  • More exposure
  • More leads
  • Free usage of the site
For the Buyer/Tenant:
Kayifi will provide you with the best properties when it comes to Caribbean real-estate.
  • Free usage of the site
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Reputable Sellers/Landlord
A: Listing properties on Kayifi is free.
Searching for properties is free.
A: An individual property page is where you see a property with pictures and information on the property, along with a place to inquire about the specific property.
A: A property Id is a number that automatically generates for a specific property. If a user is browsing and finds a property, he/she is interested in, but wants to continue to browse, they can revert back to that number to find the property faster. As a sellers/landlords, it can also be easier to find the property if a client asks about a specific property.
A: From the Home Page, you can select either “Buy” or “Rent”, then select the country in the field under those selections.
Or you can select “Buy” or “Rent” from the main menu bar, once the properties page has loaded, select the country you are looking for, a dropdown list of available countries is in the first selection field.
A: From the search results page, there are filters that include: country, State/province, City/ sector, price, number of bedrooms, and many more. Select any combination to see the results you desire.
A: Featured real-estate agents can be found on our home page. They are agents that work closely with Kayifi to help with our mission.
A: Kayifi prides themselves on providing excellent customer service. If you have an inquiry on a specific property, please complete the inquiry form so that we can connect you and notify the seller/ landlord for you.
There is also a telephone number associated with each seller or landlord, so may call them if this is your preference.
A: After filling out the contact form on the individual property page, the agent should be able to contact you directly.
A: Yes. If you decide to sell your property, you will have to register with us as a seller.
A: Kayifi is a perfect place if you are in search of your perfect home in the Caribbean.
A: Kayifi thrives with only reputable real-estate agents. Kayifi contacts each agent and builds relationships. We all have one common goal in mind: to provide excellent high-quality service with a team of highly qualified professional agents for our clients.
A: Kayifi is designed to help generate leads to your published properties. We also have a Featured Agents section on the home page to help boost those leads to get clients to your properties faster.
A: It’s easy! At the home page, there is a tab at the top right-hand corner where you will see a Register Here button. This will take you to the registration page where you will begin your free simple Kayifi experience.
A: Absolutely, Kayifi welcomes all buyers and renters to our free, simple amazing Caribbean real-estate site.
A: Your properties will show in different places on the website.
  • Recent listings
    • The most recent listings show on the home page of the Kayifi website.
  • An individual property page
    • When a user finds the property of their choice and wants to look at more information and clicks on the property, it will take the user to the individual property page.
  • Agent’s page
    • If a user clicks on an agent from the individual property page, the agent’s profile will show their listed properties.
  • In a filtered search
    • If a user uses the filter to search for properties it will take them to the results page where your property may be listed within those results.
A: When registering, there is a place where you can upload your profile picture. Click on the upload tab located at the bottom of the register page, a window will open for you to browse and choose what you would like to upload.
*Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png
Maximum file size allowed is: 5MB

A: There are numerous types of listings that can be posted on Kayifi.
  • Home
  • Apartment
  • Land
  • Commercial
  • Hotels
  • Warehouse
  • Farm
  • Vacant Land Residential or Commercial
  • Condos
  • Penthouse
And many more…
A: Kayifi prides themselves on providing excellent customer service. If an inquiry on one of your properties is made, we can connect you with your potential buyer/ tenant.
Your telephone number is also published on the site so that if the potential buyer/tenant prefers, they may call you.
A: Yes. You can save your property as a draft and come back to finish publishing your property later.
A: Uploading photos to your properties is just as easy as adding a profile picture. Click on upload photos when listing your property. It should take you to a window where you can upload your photos from your mobile device or PC. You can list up to 10 photos per property.
*Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png
Maximum file size allowed is: 5MB

A: Kayifi has placed share icons on the individual property page for anyone to share the property. This can help in marketing your properties and generate some leads to an agent. By clicking on one of the share icons, it will lead you to a specific social media outlet or application where you can share the property.
A: Featured agents are chosen from those who publish properties and invite others to register and participate on Kayifi’s real estate platform. If you would like more information, please contact us at info@kayifi.com
In order to become a featured agent with Kayifi, real estate agents must also give Kayifi a referral. Kayifi accepts referrals in two ways.
  • A referred agent who directly registers and publishes with us.
  • A current agent/broker gives us information on an agency or agent. We contact the lead, and they register and publish.
A: At Kayifi, if you wish to sell properties, you may register as a seller. If you wish to rent out properties, then may register as a landlord. If you sell and rent, a seller is preferred and when listing your property, you have the option in a drop down that says “For Sale” and “For Rent”.

Still have questions?

If you have more questions, reach us at info@kayifi.com or call us directly at +1 (844)386-4753