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Mistakes to Avoid with a Private Home for Sale

13 May

With a private home for sale, homeowners can make many mistakes. Though, if you have the confidence, knowledge, and the right tools to do so, you can save a significant amount...

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Visiting Montserrat

25 Apr

Montserrat is a small, lush, mountainous island in the Caribbean Sea. It belongs to the Leeward Islands, situated between Guadeloupe in the southeast and Antigua in the northe...

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How Landlords Can Help Prevent Rental Damage

21 Apr

Of course, it is assumed that no tenant will ever care for the rental property as the Landlord or owner would. It is true of most things. We care more for the things we are de...

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Buying a Home in a Crazy Hot Market, Part 2

18 Apr

In a crazy hot market where the seller has all the advantages, the home buying process can be intimidating and discouraging. However, if you enter the market with your affairs...

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