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How to Keep an Outstanding Tenant

04 Mar

As a landlord, you've probably had your share of less than ideal tenants. But what about the great ones? How can you make sure they stick around? Read on to find out!

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Kayifi Vacation Destinations: Kingston, Jamaica

03 Mar

Visitors craving the authentic flavor and taste of Jamaica look no further than Kingston. As the capital and the largest city in Jamaica, this is where you'll find the most au[...]

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Unique Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

01 Mar

Whether you are getting ready to sell your condo or home or want to declutter for your sanity and happiness, you need to get creative to find a place for everything when you h[...]

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Kayifi Outreach - Addressing Children's Rights in the Bahamas

25 Feb

A look at problems facing youth in the Bahamas, and how you and Kayifi Outreach can help.

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