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Brent Louis

Real Estate Agent

(868) 287-7746

(868) 287-7746

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About Me:

Being creative, I have always admired designing various spaces inside and outside the house. From the landscaping on the outside to the modeling and designing on the inside. When I was younger I would sit and look at HGTV or DIY tips and videos to try things around the house. As I grew older I invested in a Cashflow Club Course designed by Robert Kiyosaki. At this course, I learned a lot about business and investing. Shortly after doing the course, the opportunity presented itself to join the #1 Real Estate Company in the world which I accepted and I am now an Agent at RE/MAX Real Estate Group, where I find joy in assisting persons with purchasing, selling or renting Real Estate. Other interests; hobbies include Photography, Videography & Audio Engineering.

ID Category
Type Listing Type
Price Country
11846 Residential Apartment Rent USD 2,350 Trinidad And Tobago
11844 Residential Apartment Rent TTD 4,500 Trinidad And Tobago
11843 Commercial Office Rent TTD 15,000 Trinidad And Tobago
11842 Commercial Office Rent TTD 8,000 Trinidad And Tobago
11841 Residential Apartment Rent TTD 3,500 Trinidad And Tobago
11349 Residential Vacant Land Sale TTD 999,000 Trinidad And Tobago
11348 Residential Vacant Land Sale TTD 805,000 Trinidad And Tobago
11239 Residential Apartment Rent TTD 3,500 Trinidad And Tobago
10955 Residential Vacant Land Sale TTD 500,000 Trinidad And Tobago
10954 Residential House Sale TTD 1,700,000 Trinidad And Tobago
4932 Commercial Vacant Land Sale TTD 9,000,000 Trinidad And Tobago

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