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Candy Hazel

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297 5945935

297 5945935

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About Me:

Let me introduce myself I am Candy Hazel, as a real estate broker with years of experience and a specialization in luxury real estate and the local market in Aruba, II bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my clients. My commitment is to put my customers first, this is what sets me apart as a trusted and reliable professional in the industry. If there's anything I can assist you with or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out, My name is Candy Hazel, you can email candyhharuba@gmail,com or call +2975945935 for a free consultation. Let us celebrate a successful and fulfilling real estate journey!

ID Category
Type Listing Type
Price Country
12809 Residential Apartment Building Sale USD 1,650,000 Aruba
12808 Residential Apartment Building Sale USD 1,300,000 Aruba
12452 Residential Apartment Building Sale USD 1,495,000 Aruba
12224 Residential Villa Sale USD 899,000 Aruba
12218 Residential House Sale USD 352,000 Aruba
12215 Residential Condominium Sale USD 1,116,500 Aruba
12214 Residential Condominium Sale USD 1,116,495 Aruba
12209 Residential Apartment Sale USD 299,999 Aruba
12208 Residential Condominium Sale USD 345,000 Aruba
12207 Residential Condominium Sale USD 721,000 Aruba
12206 Residential Condominium Sale USD 687,074 Aruba
12205 Residential Vacant Land Sale USD 789,000 Aruba

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