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Phillippa Newton

Real Estate Agent

(242) 436-1017

(242) 436-1017

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About Me:

I started my real estate career just 4 years ago by accident, I am a Certified Property Manager, I was offered a job as a PM at a local real estate agency and was later told they were looking for agents, I was asked if I would be interested in becoming an agent and that's how I began my career in real estate a move I am thrilled with. I joined CA Christie on February 1st 2018, and my broker along with the team has helped me to soar. I am ready and available to meet all of your real estate needs in the Islands of the Bahamas from apartments, houses and condo rentals to sales of condos, houses, vacant land, acreages, luxury high-end condos and mansions to Private Islands.

ID Category
Type Listing Type
Price Country
12945 Residential House Sale BSD 210,000 Bahamas
12944 Residential House Sale BSD 230,000 Bahamas
12943 Residential Apartment Building Sale BSD 975,000 Bahamas
4652 Commercial Resort Sale USD 11,490,000 Bahamas
3111 Residential Vacant Land Sale BSD 50,000 Bahamas
3108 Residential House Sale BSD 126,000 Bahamas

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