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Beautiful Spacious Water Front Vacant Land For Sale In CarriacouGrenada

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Property Details

Location: Craigston, Carriacou, Grenada

Type: Vacant Land

Listing Type: Sale

Property Description

Own your piece of paradise!!!

Carriacou is a dependent of Grenada and is the largest island and most southern of the Grenadines archipelago.

It’s a great location for tropical retreats, vacations and retirement.

One of the few remaining gems in the Caribbean, it is endowed with several reefs, white pristine sandy beaches and a rich cultural heritage.

Carriacou is fairly unspoilt with only 8000 inhabitants.

Its economic mainstay is agriculture.

Beautiful flat lands already fenced located at Craigston, Carriacou.

Apt for an elegant residence.

Land is presently cultivated with pineapples and other annual fruit bearing crops.

Basic amenities like electricity and water are on its periphery.

Property is accessible by a stony unfinished bi-road.

Tranquil vista!! Lush green surrounding hills, beach is within close proximity.

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