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5 Must-See Caribbean Waterfalls

12 May

5 Must-See Caribbean Waterfalls 

When you think of a Caribbean vacation, maybe you picture lounging on the sandy shore and soaking up the tropical sun. While this is one of the many wonderful things about these laid-back islands and nations, this unique region offers much more. From rare wildlife and historic architecture to shimmering coral reefs and thrilling excursions. But what about the Caribbean waterfalls? 

Although mesmerizing waterfalls are abundant throughout the Caribbean Islands, they aren't usually the first thing people imagine when thinking about the region. But after reading through this blog, you'll see precisely why these remarkable natural wonders shouldn't be missed. 

Continue reading to discover the top five must-see Caribbean waterfalls. 

When is the Best Time to See the Caribbean Waterfalls? 

The last thing you want to do is take a long and costly trip out to a Caribbean waterfall and see nothing but water subtly trickling from lifeless rocks. If you want to see the gushing waterfall at the height of its activity, you'll need to know when to visit. 

The Caribbean Islands have stunning weather for most of the year. But don't be fooled– they also have dry and wet seasons. Some of the larger and well-fed waterfalls flow all year long, and some are only visible during the wet season when there is plenty of rain to keep them running. 

That said, May through October will be the best months to hike in the Caribbean when your goal is to see as many gorgeous waterfalls as possible. Be sure to check the local weather, too. 

Now, let's explore five of the most famous Caribbean waterfalls that should make it to the top of your must-see list! 

1 | Dunns River Falls, Jamaica 

Dunns River Falls is one of Jamaica's most popular tourist attractions. It's easy to get to, making it perfect for non-athletic travelers, children, and older adults. In contrast, many Caribbean waterfalls can only be reached after a strenuous hike through the island's tropical forests. Here, you witness water pouring 180 feet above the ground and cascading over 1,000 feet of slick boulders. There are also plenty of pools and souvenir stands to explore. 

2 | Salto la Jalda, Dominican Republic 

Known as the tallest of all Caribbean waterfalls, Salto la Jala is a continuous gush of powerful water between two mountains dropping 400 feet! So, if you want to maximize your tropical experience, a trip to the Dominican Republic is the way to go. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to see its splendor. One must trek for nearly four and a half hours to catch a glimpse. Luckily, traveling by horseback is another option! 

3 | Diamond Falls, St. Lucia 

Diamond Falls in St. Lucia stands out among the other Caribbean waterfalls– But it's not because it's massive or requires an exhausting climb to see. This waterfall changes color! Because of the mineral-rich water it pours, Diamond Falls may be a different hue every time you visit it. 

Even better, Diamond Falls is located in a stunning botanical garden. Diamond Botanical Gardens offers tourists incredible views of vibrant blooms and rejuvenating mineral baths. You'll have to pay a fee to enter and additional costs to soak in the mineral baths. Still, it's surely worth a look at a 55-foot colorful waterfall and a wonderland of tropical flowers! 

4 | Concord Falls, Grenada 

Hidden in Grenada's rainforest is Concord Falls, a 65-foot Caribbean waterfall guaranteed to make your jaw drop! Under the wall of rushing water is a crystal-clear pool of water. Unfortunately, it is unsafe for everyone to swim in because it is more than 50 feet deep. The main people you'll see splashing in Concord Fall's lagoon are locals and experienced divers. 

After checking out this mesmerizing waterfall, take a short walk to visit another two smaller falls in the same area! Just remember to pack some food and water for the extended trip. 

5 | La Mina Falls, Puerto Rico 

All it takes is a moderate hike to see several of Puerto Rico's picture-perfect waterfalls. Traveling to the island's north coast, you'll catch one Caribbean waterfall after another. After a 30-minute hike, you reach La Mina Falls and its refreshing jewel-toned pool. Forty feet in the air, the chilly waters fall into the glistening pool, all surrounded by the lush life of El Yunque National Forest. 



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