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BOOM Energy Drink Builds Jamaican Homes

08 Apr


BOOM Energy Drink Builds Jamaican Homes

BOOM Energy Drink was started in 2010, becoming Jamaica’s first 100% locally manufactured energy drink. Since then, it has grown exponentially and is taking the energy drink market by storm. Now, not only are they making drinks, but they are making the news too. 

BOOM Energy Drink has joined with FFP (Food for the Poor) to build homes! FFP is a Christina organization based in Coconut Creek, Florida, United States. They work to provide food, shelter, and medicine to the poor in Latin America and the Caribbean. And now, the two join forces for even more good. 

First, in 2021, BOOM gave Jamaicans 10 homes in the year of the drink company’s 10th anniversary. On March 10, 2022, the two companies were fortunate to be able to hand over the keys to four additional recipients. 

Two of these latest home gift recipients are Joan Willie, a retired postal worker, and Vincent Richards, a retired sugar worker. 

As stated by Tamara Ward, Senior Marketing and Public Relations Manager at Wisynco, “During our 10 years, BOOM has established itself as the number one energy drink in Jamaica. Our BOOM consumers are the ones that are really helping all the persons we are able to donate to; so, this is a thank you to Jamaica.” 

Aiming to be a market leader, BOOM, Wisynco, and Food for the Poor, are working together along with several other groups to improve the lives of the people of the Caribbean, one home and one family at a time. 


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