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Every Moving Cost You Need to Know

20 Sep

Every Moving Cost You Need to Know 

Even if you’ve moved what seems like a million times, there’s a chance you’ll miss a thing or two when it comes to planning for each and every cost. Or perhaps this is your first big move, and you need to know what to expect! Whatever the case, continue reading to explore every moving cost you need to plan for. 

There’s much more to consider beyond expected moving fees, like a down payment, security deposit, repairs, and more. Plus, the final cost will differ case by case, depending on where you are moving to, the distance, and whether you hire professionals to help or do it independently. 

Read on to discover every expense you need to plan for before moving day! 

Packing and Moving Supplies 

First things first– You need to get a head start on packing, which means you need plenty of packing supplies! If you choose to pack your belongings yourself, there are many materials you’ll need to stock up on to get through. These seemingly minor moving costs can quickly add up! So, plan for everything you need, including: 

  • Lots of cardboard boxes of various sizes 
  • Several rolls of packing tape 
  • Bubble wrap for fragile items 
  • Plastic wrap for furniture and other un-boxed belongings 
  • Mattress covers to keep them dirt and debris-free 
  • Markers and labels to make unpacking easier and more organized 
  • Plastic bags to further organize and store small items, like bathroom supplies or small kitchen tools. 

Additionally, you need some essential equipment to help you move your things in and out of the house or apartment. Without handy devices, like hand trucks and dollies, you must rely on your strength to transport boxes and furniture from your current home to the moving truck and into your new home. No matter how strong you are, it’s far less exhausting and much more safe for you to invest in moving equipment. 

Professional Help 

If preferred, you always have the option to hire professionals to move your belongings and take a massive burden off of your shoulders. When choosing to hire help, there are a few expenses you need to be aware of: 

Full-Service Movers- The total cost of hiring a full-service team will depend on the items you have, the size of your furniture, and the distance of the move. The average price ranges from $800 to $3,000. The services typically include packing the boxes, wrapping furniture, loading the moving truck, transporting your belongings, and unloading the boxes. 

Hourly Labor- If you don’t mind doing the tedious packing, you can save a little cash by hiring hourly labor to help with loading and unloading. 

Cleaning Materials and Services 

An often overlooked moving cost is cleaning your previous home and tidying up after the mess of moving into the new one. Again, you have two options– You can pay for professionals who will take on the task, allowing you to focus on other moving elements.  

Or you can save some money and clean the homes yourself. With the latter option, keep in mind that you’ll likely have to stock up on cleaning materials, like glass cleaner, bleach, paper towels, soaps, and more. 

Trucks and Transportation Costs 

One of the most expensive yet necessary moving costs is renting trucks and transportation. If you choose not to hire a professional full-service team, be sure to account for the expense of a moving truck rental. The price will vary depending on the size of the truck and who you rent from. Typically, there is a flat fee, gas cost, and mileage fee. 

In all, renting a truck is considered less expensive than hiring a full-service moving company. However, it’s not necessarily cheap. On top of the rental fee, you will likely need to account for the cost of transporting your personal vehicles to the new home. Depending on the distance you are traveling, gas costs will vary. 

Furthermore, if you’re planning a long-distance move, there are even more expenses to add to the total: 

  • Car license and registration 
  • Flight costs 
  • Hotel stays 
  • Food and water 


Although it’s not always required, it’s wise to buy insurance for your move. Especially if you have valuables, moving insurance can cover any damages along the way. While you could always cross your fingers and hope for the best, insurance gives you peace of mind, making the moving process a bit less stressful.  

Food and Miscellaneous Costs 

Moving is expensive! And it doesn't stop there. Unexpected costs are sometimes what really break the bank because you didn't plan for them.  

Here are a few more expenses you should account for before moving day! 

  • Meals and Snacks- There’s little time to make a homemade meal when you're moving. Most of the time, all your kitchen and pantry items are packed away and may not be unpacked for a little while. So, make sure you think about the food and beverages you may need the days leading to, during, and after the move. 
  • Tips- If you hire cleaning or moving services of any kind, it’s considerate to add a tip to the final costs. These people work hard and help make your move easier than it would have been without them. So, they deserve a little extra out of thanks. 
  • Temporary Storage- The moving process doesn't always work out as smoothly as we’d like. Sometimes, you’re left with furniture or boxes that won’t fit in the new home, so you’ll need to pay for a storage unit until you decide what to do with them. 


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