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Examples of Unique Selling Points for Your Home

05 Sep

Examples of Unique Selling Points for Your Home

Real estate agents and homeowners sometimes get lost in the traditional selling points of a home. As a result, the chance to truly make the property stand out among others is missed, leading to less profit or a lower sale price than what is really possible. 

This blog will discuss prime examples of unique selling points that not all sellers think of. Make your home competitive in today’s chaotic real estate market by focusing on what makes it special. 

What Are the Typical Selling Points for a Home? 

A few traditional features of a home for sale play a significant role in the selling process. While these elements are critical, they won’t make your property shine above others.  

Today’s homebuyers are looking for more than just the basics. Especially with more and more individuals working from home, the place they live is even more vital to the overall life experience. 

Below are the top five standard selling points of any house: 

  1. Location 
  2. Square footage 
  3. Condition 
  4. Number of rooms 
  5. Parking and outdoor space 

# Examples of Unique Selling Points for Your Home 

Location, size, and ordinary home features are important. But how do you attract more potential buyers for your property when these key elements are already in place?  

Show off the true value of your home by focusing on the following examples of unique selling points: 

1 | Entertaining and Well-Designed Outdoor Spaces  

The space inside your home isn't the only area you need to think about. Outdoor spaces have carried more weight in a buyer’s decision in the last few years, especially because of the need to entertain outdoors during a global pandemic.  

How’s your backyard looking? Is it well maintained? Is there a purposeful and functional design? If you’re shaking your head “no,” it’s time for an outdoor makeover! But don’t worry– Rethinking our outside areas doesn't mean you have to break the bank. Start by grooming the landscaping and adding more lush and colorful plants that complement the color and style of the home. Afterward, consider taking it a step further by investing in unique outdoor features, including: 

  • A swimming pool 
  • Relaxing water features 
  • A risen deck 
  • An outdoor kitchen 
  • A quality playset for the kids 
  • Comfortable outdoor seating 
  • Purposeful lighting  

2 | Show-Stopping Architecture 

One of the primary examples of unique selling points includes fascinating and rare architectural designs. Highlighting the ornate moldings, vaulted ceilings, exposed brick, or custom features of a home is an excellent way to make it stand out among properties with similar standard selling points. 

If you discover that your home is lacking interest in its architectural design, think of what would complement your space and consider a minor remodel or even a DIY home project. Unique structure elements attract more head-over-heal-buyers who desire a one-of-a-kind home.  

On the other hand, cookie-cutter homes are gradually becoming less desirable. So, get the most value out of your house by incorporating something that will really wow potential buyers! 

3 | Flexible Home Layout 

If your house is still separated into several small rooms with strict purposes, consider knocking down walls and creating larger, more versatile spaces. When buyers view a home with a flexible layout, it’s easier to envision living in the house according to their current lifestyle. Plus, it leaves room for the house to change along with the future, like growing a family or developing new interests and hobbies. 

Suppose your home already has a flexible open-plan layout. In that case, ensure you show off this valuable feature along with other examples of unique selling points. Help potential buyers discover how they can easily make the space their own with room for personalization and customization. 

4 | Energy Efficiency 

One of the examples of unique selling points that continues to grow in demand is energy efficiency. As technology advances, the market produces easier and more innovative ways to save energy, reduce utility bills, and help care for the planet’s health and resources. 

If the house you’re trying to sell already has some of the newest energy-saving devices and appliances, you’re off to a great start! In contrast, you may want to order some upgrades if your home’s appliances and features are outdated, guzzling energy and spiking utility bills. 

Set your home apart from others by maximizing a smaller carbon footprint and major savings with the following upgrades and more: 

  • Solar panels 
  • Smart thermostats 
  • Smart outlets 
  • Scheduled lighting features 
  • Energy-efficient washer, dryer, and dishwasher 

5 | Natural Perks 

Similar to some of the other examples of unique selling points, today’s buyers are searching for an alternative way of living that often includes bringing the outdoors inside. Of course, you want quality insulation and well-built walls that physically separate the indoors from outside elements. But finding ways where you can mix the two is a genius way to make your house stand out! 

For instance, sunrooms with several tall windows that let in plenty of natural light are increasing in popularity. Similarly, the home's size, location, and quantity of windows are just as important. If your space tends to be dark without relying on electric lighting inside, it may be time to discover how you can bring more natural light into the area. 

Other natural perks include nearby parks, trails, or ponds that allow future homeowners to spend time outside with less hassle. Furthermore, trees with stunning seasonal blooms are another feature you should remember to highlight when selling your home. 


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