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Grenada’s Prime Minister Unveils 'Vision 75' Roadmap for Country’s Future

13 Mar

Grenada’s Prime Minister Unveils 'Vision 75' Roadmap for Country’s Future 

Grenadian Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell has unveiled a visionary blueprint for the Spice Isle's future. Evident in his ambitious "Vision 75" development plan, the agenda was presented to a captivated audience on February 5, just ahead of Grenada's Golden Independence Jubilee. 

Mitchell outlined a strategic continuation of the 2035 National Sustainable Development Plan, a collaborative effort initiated under the previous administration. Despite facing setbacks from the pandemic and political transitions, Mitchell emphasized the importance of prioritizing national interests over partisan politics. 

The 'Vision 75' Agenda 

Central to Mitchell's agenda is fostering a healthier population, with a focus on education, productivity, and industry. Recognizing the prevalence of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension, he advocates for a shift towards healthier eating habits and access to nutritious food.  

Moreover, Mitchell envisions Grenada as a hub for medical tourism, leveraging its natural allure to attract visitors seeking both medical procedures and post-operative recovery in paradise. 

The Agriculture Sector 

Mitchell aims to revitalize the agricultural sector, aiming for value addition and local processing rather than raw exports. He proposes measures such as banning raw nutmeg exports, highlighting the potential for job creation and economic growth through agro-processing initiatives.  

By emulating success stories from other nations, particularly in the cocoa industry, Mitchell sees an opportunity to transform Grenada's nutmeg and chocolate sectors, bolstering sustainability and resilience. 

Focus on Youth Engagement 

Recognizing the importance of youth engagement, Mitchell pledges to implement programs encouraging participation in agriculture, thereby ensuring a skilled workforce for the future.  

Despite delays caused by the pandemic, Mitchell remains steadfast in his commitment to realizing the plan's objectives, extending the timeline beyond 2035 to Grenada's 75th anniversary of independence in 2049. He stresses the importance of raising awareness and garnering support from all sectors of society to ensure the plan's success. 

A Transformative Journey for Grenada 

As Grenada embarks on this transformative journey, Mitchell's vision reflects a bold determination to build a prosperous and sustainable future for future generations. With strategic investments in health, education, agriculture, and society, Grenada is poised to emerge more substantial and more resilient globally. 


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