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Guyana Gives A Bonus to Health Care Workers

21 Jan

Guyana Gives A Bonus to Health Care Workers

Last year Guyana's administration gave a 2-week tax-free bonus for the member of their health care system. But this year, Guyana and President Ali were pleased to announce a one-month bonus paid out to 9,200 health care workers. The total amount of the bonus program was $612M paid on Christmas Day for the hard-working health care industry. 

The president of Guyana announced the bonus to thundering applause giving joy to the people of Guyana. He is quoted as having said, "I want to take this opportunity again to thank all the workers in the medical field, medical services, health services for the continued work that you're doing." 

With appreciation and encouragement in his voice, President Ali asked them to remain steadfast in providing excellent care to the people of Guyana and not to be swayed in their dedication to the well-being of the people. With great fervor, Ali exclaimed, "Let me be very, very clear on this. We are not returning the one-month tax-free bonus for any other reason than because you deserve it!" 

Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony expressed his appreciation for the workers during the COVID crisis and their sacrifice of personal safety for the benefit of others. In his address, Minister Anthony noted the reason for the increase from 2 weeks to one month in this way. 

"If we were looking at just the persons who were working in Covid, maybe that $400 million would have been enough, but it's very hard to differentiate who worked in Covid and who didn't work in Covid because the work is so interconnected." 

Consequently, the decision was made to increase that original $400 million by an additional $212M. This increase will ensure that everyone in public health benefits equally from the $612 million. 

In addition, Guyana's administration is giving sugar workers a seven percent wage increase and $250,000 in payouts. The funds distributed will positively affect the mood of the people and the economy of the entire island. 

On Facebook, Guyana's health workers expressed their gratitude for the bonuses. Not only is the program a one-off bonus, but it will take the economy into the new year with hope and vision for the future of Guyana and the Caribbean. 


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