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How to Give Thanks to Your Clients this Thanksgiving

13 Nov

How to Give Thanks to Your Clients this Thanksgiving

Realtors work hard for their valued clients. Therefore, it’s easy for all the thanks to go one way. This Thanksgiving, make it a point to give thanks to your clients. You’d be surprised at how far a gesture of appreciation can go! 

While it’s not necessary, participating in the holiday festivities is an excellent way to connect with clients and show that you care. One of the best opportunities is Thanksgiving, the holiday all about thankfulness and appreciation.  

For the blog’s purposes, we direct this information to real estate agents, but these ideas can be adjusted for just about any profession with clients. Continue reading to get inspired and show your clients how much they mean to you and your career! 

Why Is It Important to Give Thanks as a Realtor? 

When given the choice, most people will choose a business with a friendly staff who shows they care over a company that puts no effort into personal connection. The holidays are an excellent chance to show your clients how much they mean to you and your business. And in turn, you will enjoy loyal business relationships that will help grow your career as a realtor.  

It’s easy to get lost in the professionalism, structure, and rules of the business and forget to show appreciation. Giving thanks to those who help your profession thrive personalizes the day to day, producing more authentic relationships with your clients.  

5 Ideas for Realtors to Give Thanks to Their Clients 

There are many ways to thank your clients as a realtor. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking! 

1 | Send a Thoughtful Message or Note 

One of the simplest ways to show thanks to clients is to send words of appreciation. Not to mention, it’s essentially free! Depending on your preference, you can email a thoughtful message or send a handwritten note. 

Go the extra mile by including personal details in the message or letter. For example, a realtor can send hopes and wishes that the home they helped their clients buy is everything they dreamed it would be or ask how the new neighborhood is for the family’s children. 

2 | Host an Event 

The holidays are an excellent time to hold an event for the clients from your past year. Invite them to a dinner, picnic, coffee and dessert, or something similar. Gifting your clients a special occasion is a wonderful way to give thanks! 

Because the holiday season tends to be busy with many events, keep the gathering brief and simple, allowing more people to attend. If any of your clients have children, cater to them, too! For instance, have fun treats to enjoy or exciting crafts and activities for them to participate in. 

3 | Deliver a Gift 

Another way to show appreciation to your clients is to gift them something special. Keep in mind you don’t need to spend a ton of money to make them feel valued! A Thanksgiving gift from a realtor to the client can be as simple as a small bag of holiday candies.  

Here are more examples of appropriate client gifts that won’t break the bank: 

  • A $5 gift card for a local coffee shop 
  • Coupons for local eateries and shops 
  • A small house plant 
  • Essential home goods, like tumblers, wine bottle openers, and more 

4 | Offer a Discount 

Show your clients how much they mean to you by gifting a discount or special offer related to your business. Realtors could temporarily lift paperwork fees, give a day of touring homes, or something similar. 

Another way to make your clients feel appreciated is to offer discounts and deals for other services related to selling or buying a home, like a staging company or moving trucks. 

5 | Put Them in the Spotlight 

Realtors can give thanks to their clients by supporting their businesses, interests, and values. For example, if your clients run their own business, they’d surely feel appreciated if you offered to showcase their products or services through social media or by emailing other clients and partners. If their work isn’t applicable, there is likely something they care about, like a charity or organization they support. 

Start by sending a message to your clients, extending the offer to put their interest or company in the spotlight. Next, schedule and plan the posts or emails you will create to showcase them. Finally, execute– Post or send emails to clients, partners, and even friends, showing your clients that they matter. 

So, whether you celebrate the U.S. holiday called Thanksgiving, this time of year is a great time to share your gratitude! you will be thankful you did! 


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