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Is Dominica Becoming A Climate-Resistant Nation?

04 Feb

Is Dominica Becoming A Climate-Resistant Nation?

Dominica is Set to Build Climate-Resistant Homes 

In his statement, Prime Minister of Dominica Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit said that the government would begin construction for 1,ooo climate-resilient homes along with the 31 already in progress. The goal to become a fully climate-resistant nation is lofty but well worth the effort for Dominica and its people. 

The project director of Montreal Management Consultants East Dominica (MMCE) said, "It is our intent that to provide buildings that are in line with the government's objective of providing a climate-resilient country. We are constantly reviewing designs and ideas to ensure that all buildings meet optional specifications." 

The enthusiasm for the project results in a certain cheerful and hopeful attitude throughout Dominica. With sustainable living, new homes, and world-class amenities, people feel the change. And the primary catalyst for this change was the disaster following tropical storm Erika in 2015. 

Building Climate-Resistant Homes 

The homes being built are climate-resistant due to several carefully thought-out specifications for sustainability. Those details include the following: 

  1. Fiber optic services 
  2. Underground utilities 
  3. Reinforced concrete technology 
  4. Hurricane proof windows 
  5. And more 

With the assistance of over 1,000 construction crew members, delivery drivers, air and sea transport, quarries, suppliers, and concrete companies, employment is created as well as economic stability and safe housing. 

So, yes, this is an ambitious project. But it is a project worth the investment for those contributing funds and time to support the effort to make Dominica climate-resistant. 



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