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Puerto Rico Takes a Stand Against COVID-19

19 Nov

Puerto Rico Takes a Stand Against COVID-19

Three Cheers for Puerto Rico’s Successful Campaign Against COVID-19 

Hip-hip-hooray for Puerto Rico and their efforts to combat COVID-19 on the island. After the springtime surge of cases, the territory made significant progress in vaccination status and reduced transmission of the virus. In fact, according to sources, “At the peak, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data for April 13 documented 1,550 new cases. But recent data available for September 21 shows a drop to 361 cases among the island’s 3.2 million residents.” 

The reduction in the island’s cases is outshining other US states in results due to robust efforts to stop the spread, vaccinations, and various directives. By modifying their vaccine requirements, Puerto Rico is among the top 10 rankings for vaccinations. Individuals over 12 years of age that are currently and fully vaccinated are around 76 percent.  

For a single dose, the percentage Is about 85 percent. Whereas the national average is a mere 56 percent. 

Furthermore, the issue of vaccination is not viewed as a political topic, unlike the states. This has allowed Puerto Rico to rise above that of the glowing reviews reported by California and Connecticut. You see, most Puerto Ricans do not see through Republican or Democratic lenses. Politics are geared more toward the state of the island and the desire for statehood. 

COVID-19 Mandates Issued by Puerto Rico 

So just what are they doing right? Not only have they reinstated the indoor mask policy for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, but Governor Pedro Pierluisi is being careful to not allow the progress to revert. The governor implemented the following public health policies and vaccination requirements. 

  1. Businesses such as restaurants, barbershops, nail salons, gyms, and casinos are only allowed to operate at half capacity with one exception. If they choose to require vaccination (or a negative test) from clients, they can increase capacity. 
  2. Health care workers, school personnel, and government workers all must be vaccinated. 
  3. All alcohol sales must stop at midnight. 
  4. Theaters and restaurants must close at midnight. 

With these requirements for the people of Puerto Rico, the island is a safer place to live and visit. So again, hip-hip-hooray! 


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