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Real Estate Marketing Trends For 2021

06 May

Real Estate Marketing Trends For 2021

With the growth of the internet and online marketing, it may look as if machines are taking over the realtor's job. But that is just not so. One cannot diminish the importance of the personal touch. Growing and learning to fit the "new normal" is a part of every business, including marketing and realty. So, as you keep up with the real estate marketing trends for 2021, Kayifi has put together this quick list of current tips and tricks to stay relevant in this new normal. 

Tips and Tricks to Staying Relevant in Today's Real Estate Marketing Trends. 

  1. Update Your Branding

If you do not have a slogan or a "why," you are in reality, think of one and refine it. Ask friends and colleagues if it resonates, and then really embrace the concept. Use the vision for all social media posts and advertising. 

  1. Try Updating Your Software Programs

It is true. Applications and programs made for real estate agents work much better than the generic photo and organizational programs. Consider asking around to see what others use and trying a few new programs. 

  1. Create Videos

This concept makes many nervous, but videos are the way to get more attention and views. The way your video makes a potential buyer feel will set the tone to capture the sale. Make the video to elicit specific emotions, and then post it all over social media. 

  1. Improve Your Website

If you have created your site on your own, many things go into site building, you may not know. In fact, your site may be hurting you rather than helping. Suppose you want an effective website that brings in visitors and converts them into buyers. In that case, it is best to hire a professional. 

  1. Join Clubs and Groups

The more integrated you are into the real estate game, the more exposure you will have. Say you only work in residential homes, and a client is looking for a commercial property. In that case, you can reach out to members of your realty clubs and ask for someone who specializes in commercial. In return, they will refer their next residential, and everyone wins. 

  1. Run Ads on Social Media

Once you have created your marketing with realtor tools and made that video… it is time to post. Turning those posts into ads on Facebook and YouTube will increase your visibility and drive traffic to your website. Use SEO, keywords, and calls-to-action on all your ads and keep them consistent on all platforms. 

  1. Utilize Local and Community News Papers and Flyers.

Becoming a community expert with your name connected to reality is another way to gain exposure. Think about writing for your local paper on reality. And place ads in the community papers too. 

  1. Meet the People of Your Neighborhoods.

Events bring people together. When people gather, they talk, and that is where you can get your foot in the door and mention your business. It does not have to be a realty meet and greet. It can be any event locally. Get out there and promote yourself. Remember, nothing beats the personal touch. 

  1. Serve in Your Community

When you are giving back to your community, the people notice. Hand out soup in the soup line, or volunteer at a pet shelter, etc. Give, and it will come back to you. 

  1. Be Sure All of Your Efforts Are Optimized for Desktop and Mobile Devices.

In today's fast-paced world of computers and phones, it is very frustrating to look at a site on your phone only to find it was designed for phones. Don't lose a visitor to your site because they cannot read your listing on their phone. 

The most essential tip you can take from this article is to keep on top of the current trends, no matter what they may be. Stay involved with the community and help one another. 

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