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Renting a House in the Caribbean

11 Oct

Renting a House in the Caribbean 

If you are considering renting a house in the Caribbean, congratulations. You will, no doubt, have a fantastic adventure and enjoy some amazing relaxation. Renting a house provides a gathering place for the entire company of the vacation and those you may meet along the way. And renting a home offers mealtime around a table to reflect on the day and all the Caribbean afforded each member. 

So, whether you are a family with small children, or a group of all adults, renting a house gives you a space to unwind and relax before the next day's activities. That is why, at Kayifi, we encourage you to learn all about the Caribbean rental market before your trip. And as always, our real estate agents are ready to help. Just give us a call. 

How to Find a Rental in the Caribbean 

When choosing a place to rent in the Caribbean islands, you will want to note the details we feel are essential in your decision-making process. Here is where you can begin the process. 

Choose the Island for You 

You may find rentals on all of the Caribbean islands, but each one offers something different. Some are lively with music and the bar scene, while others offer rich history and elegance. Then some provide breathtaking waterfalls and caverns, and others that have an incredibly delicious food scene. Determining what cultural experiences you would like to immerse your family in is key. 

A few of the best islands for rentals are as follows: 

  • Aruba has plenty of rentals, including high rises and villas. And the beaches are divine. 
  • Anguilla is famous for its 33 white sand beaches, celebrity sightings, and incredible food. 
  • Barbados has white and pink sand on one side and excellent surfing on the other. 
  • Cancun, Riviera Maya is affordable and features the world's second-longest barrier reef and beautiful beaches. 
  • The Cayman Islands is where snorkeling and diving are best experienced. 
  • Nassau, Bahamas, is well known for the clearest water and its 20 islands of family fun. 
  • Puerto Rico has a fort and rich history to go along with its pristine beaches and family activities. 
  • St. Lucia would be for relaxation and softer activities, like hiking, biking, and wildlife tours. 
  • St. Marteen is ideal for a two-country experience. You'll get to experience both French and Dutch culture here. 
  • US Virgin Islands is perfect for first-timers not wanting to stray too far from the norm. 

What do You Need in Your Accommodation? 

As you may know, there is no shortage of things to do in the Caribbean. That is why you need the right accommodation for the rest and relaxation times with your family. Knowing what you want in your rental is essential. So, go ahead; make a list of the things you cannot compromise on and other features you would like. For instance: 

  • Family-friendly and child safety 
  • Pet friendly 
  • Number of rooms 
  • Number of bathrooms 
  • Internet access 
  • Beachfront 
  • Handicap access 
  • Staff available, such as nannies, drivers, and a chef 

Additional Considerations for Your Rental 

Now you can consider a few more details to begin planning the very best vacation. 

  1. What is the best season to go? 
  2. Do you want to save money or spend, spend, spend? 
  3. Is privacy a concern? 
  4. Will you need staff? 
  5. Do you want a car rental, or to walk everywhere? 

Kayifi Can Help with Renting a House in the Caribbean 

Once you have done your research, know what you want and need in a rental, and have narrowed down the island choices best for your vacation, contact Kayifi. One of our rental specialists can help you with renting a house in the Caribbean. Our agents know just which rentals provide the right amenities for you and the company you bring along. Allow their experience and commitment to work for you in planning the house rental vacation of your dreams. 

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