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Smart Online Safety for the Bahamas

15 Nov

Smart Online Safety for the Bahamas 

One of the leading online safety resources in the world is excited to announce to you the introduction and launch of their new innovative "Check a Website" service for the Caribbean countries and the Bahamas. 

Access The New Service 

The valuable service is available at Get Safe Online and empowers individual businesses, allowing you to navigate the online world safely. With this service, you can verify the legitimacy and safety of websites before you explore them. 

The New Digital Age 

With the continually growing and changing digital landscape, online services have undoubtedly become an important part of our daily routine. However, ensuring the safety and authenticity of websites you access is vital. With cyber threats on the rise, people need to have tools to help them make more informed decisions to protect their personal and financial information. 

Checking Websites 

As stated earlier, the "Check a Website" tool is offered by Get Safe Online. It provides users with an easy platform to access and check the credibility of websites that they plan on visiting. Here is how it works. You enter the website's URL and receive instant information about its safety status and potential risk. In seconds, this program uses an algorithm to provide a trust score that is based on more than forty data sources and thousands of reports of malicious websites. These findings are provided by law enforcement agencies, consumer brands, and regulators. 

A spokesperson from the CIRT of The Bahamas comments:  

"The Government of The Bahamas realizes the importance of securing its digital citizens. Moreover, CIRT-BS recognizes that our citizens are online exposed to cyber risk, whether for shopping, education, or leisure. Therefore, we must provide tools for our citizens to respond appropriately to cyber risk. We are partnering with Get Safe Online and Check a Website campaign as a part of our mission to improve the country's cybersecurity posture through proactive identification and management of cyber risks, cyber information sharing, and education and awareness. 


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