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Stunning Island Photography in the Caribbean

27 Mar

Stunning Island Photography in the Caribbean

The Caribbean has been a hot spot for island photography, attracting artists from all over the globe. What more could a photographer ask for with pristine coastlines, lush forests, rare wildlife, and vibrant culture? There’s much more that lies beyond the colorful sunsets and tranquil beaches. 

Each Caribbean Island has an unreal abundance of diverse landscapes, stunning architecture, story-rich historical sites, and much more. So, pack all your camera gear when visiting the top destinations for island photography in the Caribbean sea. 

Lucia’s Twin Peaks 

If you’re looking for a larger-than-life landscape to capture, make your way over to the island of St. Lucia. Here, two volcanoes tower above the forests, beaches, and towns, making everything seem small in their presence. The pitons of St. Lucia are a must-see destination for those who love capturing island photography. Even better, surrounding the majestic peaks is a massive diversity of fascinating wildlife to photograph! 

The Wild and Rugged Bathsheba  

Photographers who crave capturing the natural wonders of this world should stop at the village and beach of Bathsheba, Barbados. Photograph the sea-sculpted rocks from thought-provoking angles with a backdrop of a stunning Caribbean sunset. 

The east coast of Barbados is well-known for its massive rolling waves where professional surfers can catch the ride of a lifetime. So, be sure to visit in the winter when the surf is at its peak to photograph skilled surfers and the towering Atlantic waves. 

Wondrous Waterfalls in Great Etang National Park 

For many photographers and artists, it’s more about the process than the final product. This perspective comes to life for the photographers who hike in the Great Etang National Park to get the perfect shot of rushing waterfalls. And for wildlife photographers, the thriving rainforest is teeming with tropical bird species and other rare wildlife. 

Fascinating Flamingos in Aruba 

On a privately-owned 40-acre island in Aruba, countless pink flamingos roam about. You’ll need to make a reservation and buy a ticket to be surrounded by these beautiful tropical birds. Still, it’s well worth the time and money for those passionate about island photography. After getting plenty of shots of the island’s flamingos, watch for other wildlife, like hermit crabs, iguanas, and other tropical bird species. 

George’s Harbor of Charming and Colorful Buildings  

St. George’s Carenage is a horseshoe-shaped harbor with colorful cafes, restaurants, boats, and other buildings. This story-book scene draws in hundreds of skilled photographers each year. From afar is a charming view of the entire harbor scattered with multicolored structures. But up close, you can capture a lively culture with locals and tourists visiting flourishing markets, selling crafted goods, and enjoying the delicious island dishes. 

Massive Beach Boulders in the British Virgin Islands 

Virgin Gorda is one of the largest and most photogenic islands of the British Virgin Islands. It is home to many natural wonders, one being a hot spot for island photography, The Baths. Capture the splendor of massive granite boulders, tide pools, and jewel-toned waters. 

While in the area, be sure to stop by Spring Bay, Devil’s Bay, and Little Trunk for more other-worldly environments perfect for passionate photographers. 


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