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Summertime Eats in the Caribbean

11 Jul


Summertime Eats in the Caribbean

It is grilling season, and the summertime eats in the Caribbean Islands are some of the most flavorful dishes you could ever imagine. From the charred grill taste of BBQ to the sweet plantains, you are in for a taste delight when visiting the Caribbean in the summertime. 

Summertime Drinks 

A cool icy beverage is the best way to keep the temperature down when you grill this summer. Here are a few recipes we suggest you try this year. 

  • Rum Punch- Rum, lime juice, bitters, and nutmeg are used to create this iconic Caribbean drink. 
  • Captain's Vacation Cocktail- A three-ingredient spiced rum cocktail with lemon-lime carbonated beverage and pineapple juice stirs up delicious! 
  • Tropical Sangria- Guava, passion fruit, and pineapple make this tropical sangria come to life! 

Summertime Main Dishes 

What meal would be complete without the flavorings of the Caribbean islands? It is all about Allspice, sweet plantains, and creamy milk with rice and veggies. And then, most Caribbean chefs like to turn up the heat! 

You will surely love it no matter which entrée' you choose for your summer grilling or night out! Here are some ideas you will see familiar in the islands. 

  • Jerk Chicken- Jerk chicken is coated in spices and cooked over a fire- and scrumptious!Jerk Pork Chops- Marinade this main dish and grill when ready; you will not be disappointed with the flavors. 
  • Goat Curry- Earthy spices infuse the tender goat meat for a genuinely Jamaican dish full of robust flavor. 
  • Brown Stew Chicken- Served with rice and beans, this classic dish is slow-braised for an elevated taste in every bite. 

Add a side of those plantains and coconut-lime rice, and you are ready to dine Caribbean style. 

Summertime Desserts 

Finish your meal with a delectable dessert as they make it on the islands. Here are a few favorites to tempt your sweet tooth. Enjoy! 

  • Cornmeal Pone- Moist, decadent, cornmeal cake topped with rich coconut sauce and eaten with a spoon- need we say more? 
  • Pastelitos- These are sweet, and flaky guava pastries dusted with powdered sugar! 
  • Coconut Sugar Caramelized Plantains- Yes, the Caribbeans use plantain for their meal and for dessert time. 


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