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The Best Places to Live in Mexico

29 Jan

The Best Places to Live in Mexico


Welcome to Mexico! It is a country of fascinating and lively culture and a little fit of everything, from small fishing towns and beach communities to lavish neighborhoods and luxurious spas. To live in Mexico is to live your best life– At least, that’s what the patriotic residents of the country claim. 

Maybe you’ll have to see for yourself. It’s time to practice your Spanish and start packing because after learning about life in Mexico and the best places to call home, you’ll be eager to make a move! 

Why Live in Mexico? 

Mexico is a fantastic place to call home. It’s a colorful and cultured country with everything from pristine beaches and lush mountainscapes to high-end shopping malls and top-tier restaurants. The blend of tradition and modernism is perfect for those looking for the best of both worlds. 

The weather varies throughout the country, depending on the altitude you settle in. Living in Mexico is considered relatively affordable, the cuisine is flavorful and irresistible, and the people are warm and welcoming! What more could you ask for? 

Below are the most significant perks of living in this incredible and unique country. 

  • Travel and Flights: Mexico is easy and inexpensive to reach from North American countries, like the USA, Canada, and Central America.  
  • Affordable Living: Finding homes for affordable prices is not a challenge in Mexico. Depending on the area, you may run into luxury houses in Mexico City. In addition, food, transportation, and other essentials are cheaper compared to most other countries. 
  • Vibrant Culture: Mexican culture is a beautiful combination of Native American and Spanish influence, as well as touches from other places in the world. This produces a lively, warm, family-centric, and patriotic distinction in their music, art, entertainment, and more. 
  • Diverse Climate and Environment: Another great quality of the country is the diverse climate. If you’re looking for a tropical atmosphere and beach-side communities, Mexico is packed with them. However, there are also incredible cities tucked into the mountainsides with chilly winters and desert areas with dry heat and vast tranquil landscapes. 

Where are the Best Places to Live in Mexico? 

Let’s explore some of the top-rated places to live in Mexico. Below are four regions known for their quality of life, affordability, beauty, and more! 


Merida is an excellent place to live if you’re more comfortable in an area with plenty of expats. It is more affordable than popular Mexican cities, including Mexico City, and is considered the safest place to live in the country. It’s a great area to raise a family or live solo because of its reputation for safety. 

Compared to United States houses for sale, the options in Merida are unmatched! Find affordable homes in walkable neighborhoods with parks, notable restaurants, theaters, and so much more. The nights are cool, and the days are warm, allowing for plenty of outside exploration followed by cozy nights by the fire. Plus, the beach is less than an hour away from the city. 

Remember to brush up on your Spanish before the big move! Most residents speak very little English, if any.  

Los Cabos 

Another excellent place to live in Mexico for those looking for a comfortable mix of safety, modern conveniences, and affordability is Los Cabos. Aside from the family-friendly resorts and luxurious spas, this location has world-class medical facilities, adding to its appeal to call it home. On the west side is Cabo San Lucas, known for its vibrant nightlife, marina, and unique entertainment. On the east side is San Jose del Cabo, with a lively art scene and famous restaurants!  

New residents boast about their improved quality of life. Los Cabos is a destination that offers protected and well-kept nature experiences, from deserts to mountain ranges to 22 beautiful beaches! Not to mention, Los Cabos homes for sale are significantly more affordable than in the United States and nearby other countries. 

The Cabo San Lucas real estate is flourishing with an immense diversity of homes, townhomes, condominiums, and more. Plus, the other towns within Los Cabos aren’t far behind the success of this thriving area.  

Mexico City 

One of the most happening parts of Mexico is Mexico City! It’s home to the country’s largest population, about  22.2 million. And while the cost of living is higher than other places in Mexico, it remains lower than that of USA cities. 

There are grand properties for sale in Mexico City, as well as modest city apartments and townhomes. In fact, 40% of Mexico City real estate is dominated by foreigners. 

The lifestyle is vibrant and busy with a cosmopolitan rush and a contrast of rich history and traditional Mexican culture. Professionals make a decent living, and families have endless activities to fill their days. Even more importantly, the city is known for its international schools and incredible healthcare facilities. 


People looking for better lives, affordable housing, and higher-paying jobs flock to Mexico’s industrial capital, Monterrey. It’s also known for having some of the best education in Latin America. The 30 universities also produce the highest percentage of English-speaking residents and a thriving economy. 

This lovely region of Mexico is one of the most chosen destinations for US expats because of the immense opportunities, wide-spread English, and proximity to the country. Families enjoy Monterrey for its remarkable outdoor environment, quality living, and safe neighborhoods. However, there’s plenty of nightlife for the young and young-at-heart in Central Monterrey. 

And if you’re thinking it couldn’t get any better, Monterrey also offers breathtaking views and plenty of outdoor paradises to explore. It’s the perfect Mexican destination for work, play, and rest! 



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