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The Best Tips for Moving with Kids

19 Feb

The Best Tips for Moving with Kids 

Moving is already an exhausting and stressful process for anyone. Add moving with kids to the mix, and you’re in for quite the adventure! That is if you don’t prepare properly and put in effort to make the experience easy and fun for your children.  

If you’re a parent, you already know that kids are capable of much more than they are often given credit for. Have faith in your family and pay close attention to your little ones when moving to make it run smoothly. After all, this is the end of one chapter of life and the exciting start to another– Make it a good one! 

Read on to get the best tips for moving with kids of all ages– from infants and toddlers to teenagers. 

6 General Tips for Moving with Kids 

No matter what age your children are, the following six tips will help your moving process be the best it can be!  

1 | Communicate. 

The key to moving with kids is to communicate throughout the entire process. Keep them updated, help them understand why you are moving, allow them to express their feelings, and be transparent when they ask questions. This will give your kids a sense of control and make them feel validated as a part of the family, even when Mom and Dad make all the big decisions.  

Keeping things a secret to ‘protect’ your kids never works. They are intelligent and tend to notice even the slightest shifts in mood. Not informing them about the ins and outs of moving will only cause confusion, fear, and resentment. 

2 | Consider their Needs, Wants, and Worries 

Trust me, it worsens things if you stick to the ‘well, you’ll just have to deal with it’ approach. Instead, put yourself in their shoes, sympathize with your kids, and make sure they know their feelings are valid. 

Moving is stressful for the parents, but imagine being a child– You’re about to leave all you have known– your friends, clubs, school, and bedroom. It’s a significant change, and most children do not handle change well. You will need to assist your kids with it, Not ignore it! 

Remember to check in often and ask how they feel about the move. Involve them in some of the more flexible decisions to ensure their needs and wants are heard. 

3 | Get Them Involved. 

Another way to survive moving with kids is to get them involved. Here are some excellent ways to allow your kids to help and feel a part of this big family change: 

  • Packing- Have them help with packing. Let your preschool child hand you things as you strategically pack them, or ask your middle schooler to pack their belongings. For the more independent tasks, it may help to give them a few rules or guidelines, like keeping their clothes folded or wrapping fragile items to protect them from breaking. 
  • Designing- Give your kids something to look forward to and be excited about by letting them choose the design for their new bedroom!  
  • Labeling- Your creative kids can make the labels for the boxes. Let them make it fun and artistic if they want to. Treat it like a craft or art project, and give them all the fun materials they may need, from markers and paints to stickers and glitter! 

4 | Take a Trip to the New Area. 

When moving with kids, it’s essential to get them familiar with their new home. The unknown usually makes them panic or dread the move the most. So, taking a fun trip separate from the moving day or house hunting can help them feel more secure and familiar with the place they will soon call home! 

5 | Start Early! 

Don’t rush! One of the biggest mistakes you can make when moving with kids is to procrastinate or underestimate the time it will take to pack your home and adjust to the change. 

6 | Make the Kid’s Rooms the Priority 

The first rooms you set up should be the kid’s bedrooms, if possible. This will make them feel like the priority and show them that you care about their experience with moving. It also helps kids settle into the home quicker, resulting in more stability at their new school and extracurricular activities. 

Moving with Kids by Age Group 

Despite the debate, there truly is no best age to move with kids. Whether they are six or sixteen, you will face challenges. Therefore, you should consider their age to better cater to their needs. Moving with kids is always a little complicated. But moving with busy toddlers will be very different than moving with sassy teenagers. Here are some tips to help you survive the move with confidence! 

How to Move with Infants and Toddlers: 

  • Set aside extra time to love your children to remind them you’re never too busy for them. 
  • Keep communication positive and simple. 
  • Pack up their room last and unpack it first to make their transition smoother. 
  • Be consistent with their schedule. Moving isn’t the time to disrupt the healthy routine you’ve worked hard to set in place. 
  • Consider seeking child care for the day of the move unless you know you’ll be able to care properly for your kids during the process. 

How to Survive a Move with Preschool-Age Kids: 

  • Be honest and uplifting. Help them get excited about the new house, but remind them they will be more busy the next few weeks. 
  • Involve them in moving to make them feel important and proud. 
  • Keep their schedule as normal as possible. Gradually make any changes necessary, introducing one thing at a time. 
  • Take them to the new town and school to lessen their fears and worries about the unfamiliar. 
  • Pack a day-of moving bag with comfort items, activities, and snacks. 
  • Think about hiring for child care during the move. 

Moving to a New Home with School-Age Kids: 

  • Plan a small but special moving away party for your kids to have fun with their neighborhood and school friends before moving out. 
  • Talk honestly and check in often to ask how they are feeling. 
  • Don’t take their anger or sadness personally. It is normal for kids this age to struggle with a move. Just do your best to help them along the way. 
  • Set up ways your child can stay connected with old friends. 
  • Visit the new school and neighborhood to familiarize them. 
  • Let them design their new room, adding personal touches that make them feel at home. 

Tips for Moving with Teenagers: 

  • Start communicating about the move as soon as it is decided. The earlier they know, the longer they have to prepare. 
  • Allow them to bring the items they feel connected to. Don’t push your teens to get rid of their belongings if they don’t want to. If you’re concerned about space in the new home, plan to declutter after settling in for a month or two. 
  • Validate their feelings and fears. 
  • Schedule appointments with the school counselor or a therapist if you notice your teenager is especially struggling with the move by having extreme changes in mood, failing grades, or a lack of motivation to do the things they love. 
  • Let them be as involved as they want to be in the process.  


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