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The Pink Sands of Bermuda

22 Jun

The Pink Sands of Bermuda 

Located about 700 miles off the coast of North Carolina in the North Atlantic Ocean lie the beautiful islands of Bermuda. Bermuda’s sand is indeed a gorgeous shade of light pink, and the waters are crystal clear. These waters invite onlookers and swimmers to see the colorful varieties of fish right from the shore. And the subtropical temperatures make for the perfect vacation any time of year. 

As inviting as the waters are, so are the locals of the island. With a mix of British American, Native American, and African cultures, Bermudans are friendly and carefree. You can catch them in a game of cricket, driving on the left, and even see the Queen’s influence in their currency. Additionally, etiquette is an essential part of the Bermudan culture. So is the formal attire of Bermuda shorts worn with a coat and tie. 

Hamilton is the capital city of Bermuda, and it is a lively place, to say the least. The colorful buildings and the street parties on Front Street embody the culture of Bermuda. Tourists enjoy the local artisan shops, delicious food, sounds of calypso music, and colorful entertainment. The parade of the Gombey dancers is where the locals show off their culture and zest for life. 

Places to visit include the pink sand beaches, Crystal Caves, snorkel the coral reefs, the Royal Navy Dockyard, the Bermuda Aquarium, the Museum of Bermuda Art, the lighthouses, and more. In the afternoon, the locals refuel with an afternoon tea. After a full day, visitors and locals enjoy a hearty bowl of Fish chowder, the national dish made with fish stock, fish, veggies, bacon fat, and spices. Top the dish with sherry peppers and back rum for a truly authentic taste. And if you like rum, you are in luck. Try a Bermuda Rum Swizzle or a Dark n’ Stormy to take you into the evening. 

For travel to Bermuda, the CDC recommends getting vaccinated in advance, wearing a face mask, social distancing, and washing or sanitizing your hands frequently. To apply for the travel authorization, follow this link. 



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