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The Top Tropical Islands to Visit in the Fall

22 Sep

The Top Tropical Islands to Visit in the Fall

If you don’t mind missing the changing colors of autumn, there are many tropical islands to visit in fall that have beautiful warm temperatures and lush, fresh-from-summer landscapes! You couldn’t make any better choice than to take a trip to the culture-rich and laid-back islands of the Caribbean– they have perfect weather all year long, but fall holds perhaps some of the most beautiful conditions! 

So, get away from the chill by taking a trip to the Caribbean this fall! Continue reading to discover what autumn is like in the Caribbean and where you should go for the best experience. 

What’s Fall Like in the Carribean? 

If you want to beat the crowds, visiting the Caribbean during the fall is for you! The Caribbean’s busy seasons are winter and spring. In the summer, the islands experience the peak of their tropical weather– hot, humid, and more frequent adverse weather conditions due to hurricane season. Come fall, the stormy weather has dwindled, and the temperatures are comfortably warm and not overly hot. 

Here are more details on the weather in the Caribbean during autumn: 

  • Temperature: Temperatures range from island to island, but the average daytime temperature typically ranges from 85 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. In the evening, temperatures slightly drop to mid-70s up to the low 90s.  
  • Rainfall: When autumn approaches, the rain is far less than in the summer, but it is still possible. Some islands quickly dry as they exit the rainy season, while others occasionally experience showers or uncommon tropical storms. 
  • Hurricane Season: The Caribbean’s hurricane season ranges from late summer into early fall. So, if you plan a trip further into October or November, you have a better chance of dodging a rough tropical storm or disastrous hurricane, depending on where you are in the Caribbean.  
  • Humidity: Outdoor activities are more manageable and enjoyable in the fall when the humidity drops from the high levels of the summer. Although the temperature difference between summer and autumn is not drastic, the reduced humidity levels make a significant difference in the feel of the temperature. 
  • Water Conditions: The sea temperatures are warm in autumn, making water sports and swimming easier to handle than in the winter or spring when the water is chilly. By this time, the hot summer months have warmed the water to the perfect temperature that will last for most of the fall. Because of the chance of tropical storms, the currents can become intense, depending on where and when you visit. So, always pay attention to strong current warnings and plan accordingly. 

The Top 4 Tropical Islands to Visit in Autumn 

Now that we have the general weather conditions covered let’s explore the top tropical islands to visit in the fall! Each of the Caribbean Islands offers a unique experience and has differing weather patterns that will help you determine which one is right for you this upcoming autumn season. 

1 | St. Lucia 

St. Lucia is well-known for its breathtaking, pristine scenery. Two towering peaks are the centerpiece of the stunning landscape of the island, including rainforests!  

In autumn, the lush ecosystems are more vibrant and flourishing than ever! After a healthy summer of sunshine and frequent rainfall, the rainforests and other habitats are green and colorful in the fall.  

Plus, there are far fewer tourists to worry about because it’s St. Lucia’s off-season. Even with the occasional shower leftover from the humid summer, St. Lucia is one of the best tropical islands to visit– Especially if you plan your trip later into the season. 

2 | Aruba 

If you’re looking to avoid as much rain as possible, take a trip to Aruba in the fall! This beautiful tropical island is recognized as the island that receives the least rainfall in the southern Caribbean region.  

Even better, the land of Aruba is quite diverse. In the morning, soak up the sun on one of the glorious beaches, then hike through the contrasting desert with bright green cacti. Finally, spend the evening strolling the culture-rich town, shopping for local crafts and goods. 

3 | Turks and Caicos 

Are you drawn to the Caribbean's quiet and less crowded atmosphere in the fall? If so, there is no better trip to book than one in Turks and Caicos. Even during the height of the busy season, Turks and Caicos experience fewer tourists than other islands in their efforts to keep their land exclusive and secluded.  

And in the fall, the island is one of the most crowded in the Caribbean! Of course, the nice weather and fabulous mixed British and Caribbean culture are more perks to visiting Turks and Caicos in autumn. 

4 | Barbados 

If you can’t stand the heat but love the idea of a sunny beach-side getaway, Barbados is one of the best tropical islands to visit. In the fall, the island is known to have some of the coolest temperatures in the region due to the trade winds and other geographical traits. Remember, the cooler temperatures of the Caribbean are still warm, falling between the mid-70s to the mid-80s. However, this is beautiful weather for travelers looking to avoid the unbearable heat and enjoy a tropical vacation. 

Like all Caribbean Islands, rain is still possible, but it’s short-lived in autumn and is frequently followed by sunshiney skies! If that isn’t convincing enough, fall in Barbados is packed with fun and exciting holidays and festivals, like the Food and Rum Festival starting in mid-October and the Open Water Festival in early November. 


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