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Things to Consider Before Moving to Your New Island Home

14 Oct

Things to Consider Before Moving to Your New Island Home

Are you considering a move from the mainland to the islands of the Caribbean? Could you be dreaming of an ideal relocation with pristine beaches, lush tropical jungles, and a climate anyone would want? Well, there are several reasons to live in the Caribbean and even to move from one island to another. It all depends on what you expect for this time of life and your new island home. 

The Beauty of the Island Living 

No doubt, there are several reasons to desire a place in paradise. The Caribbean has a particular style of living that people everywhere crave. Here, we have listed a few of the top reasons we hear from clients at Kayifi. 

  • The natural settings are breathtaking, to say the least. The waters are a turquoise blue, and the sandy beaches await as the crash of the seas calls for relaxation. 
  • The cost of living is more affordable than in the US. From real estate to food and utilities, you can afford more in the Caribbean. And, the tax rates are low in many areas, as well. 
  • Local cuisine is a must when living in the Caribbean. From fruity beverages to jerk chicken and delectable fresh seafood, the choices are endless. 
  • Weather in the Caribbean is a beautiful constant. It is generally warm and temperate throughout the year. 
  • The location couldn’t be more perfect as it is so close to Mexico and the United States. That way, loved ones have a better chance for a visit to your Caribbean home. 
  • Activities abound in the Caribbean islands. Whether you like swimming, diving, scuba, hiking, biking, ATV adventures, and more, you’ll find it all on island time. What you choose is up to you as there is a variety among the different islands. 

What Do You Want in an Island Home? 

Knowing what you want from your island home is a definite must when considering a big move. So here are some of the things you should mull over before choosing an island. 

  1. Do you love tropical climates and warm living? Then this is the place for you. If not, the adjustment may be difficult. 
  2. Living on Island time is a real thing. You see, “hurry up” is not a thing in the Caribbean, and neither is instant gratification. Everything takes a bit longer to accomplish or receive. So if you are not ready for the low-key vibe of island life, you may want to look for the faster areas of the islands or adjust your vibe to suit. 
  3. This is small-town living… with Rum. In the Caribbean, everyone knows everyone. And that can be hard for some. And you may not blend in the crowd as you can in New York. But that is okay if you want to know each person you encounter. 
  4. Are you looking for a mansion in the setting sun or a no-frills bungalow? Knowing your style is a big part of choosing which island you will call your own. 
  5. Also, think about how often you will need to leave the island. Should your place be in the depths of the island where you need a long ATV ride to get there? Or should it be near the local airports and marinas? 

What to Ask When Buying a New Island Home 

If you have vacationed in the Caribbean and dream every day of going back. An island home may be for you. That said, there are a few more things to ask when buying a new island home in the Caribbean. 

  • Which island best suits the vibe you desire for this dream location? 
  • Where on the island is the best and safest place to relocate? 
  • What agent is the best match for your personal style and needs? 
  • Determine who your lender will be and gain pre-approval. 
  • Ask for attorney recommendations for your purchase. 
  • What are the requirements for purchases in the country you are choosing? 
  • How do residents and visitors get on and off the island in question? 
  • And finally, can you push the budget, or must you stay true to expectations? 

When looking for a new home in the Caribbean, Kayifi can undoubtedly help. Our expert realtors can answer these questions and many more. With your help, they will find the right place for you to begin enjoying island life, Caribbean style. 

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