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Tips for Your Caribbean Wedding

13 Mar

Tips for Your Caribbean Wedding

If you’re dreaming of a tropical Caribbean wedding, you’ll need some advice to get through the planning and make your special day one to remember! Planning a local wedding can be stressful enough. However, getting everything together miles and miles aw ay is an entirely different challenge. 

Continue reading to wrap your mind around the ins and outs of your Caribbean wedding. 

The Cost of Your Caribbean Wedding 

Your wedding budget will depend on your and your sweetheart’s unique needs and wants. If you dream of an intimate ceremony with few guests or even a private one, your costs will differ significantly from the bride who wants to go all out with one hundred plus guests and several wedding events. 

Wedding planners suggest planning for about $500 per guest. Again, this will rely on your vision for this special day. Remember to take advantage of early bird deals, all-inclusive packages, and other offers that will help you stay within the budget you have set. 

The benefit of a Caribbean wedding is that travel expenses are often less costly than traveling to other parts of the world. So, you’re off to a great start! 

What’s the Best Time of Year for a Caribbean Wedding? 

Late fall into winter is the best time for a Caribbean wedding. While other parts of the world experience snow, ice, and chilly weather, the Caribbean islands stay warm and have beautiful weather! The only downside is that this season is highly desirable, meaning all costs may be more expensive than at other times of the year. 

A smart compromise is to set the date for a spring wedding so that you can enjoy the nice weather for less. You also need to remember that June through November is hurricane and tropical storm season for many Caribbean nations. 

Planning for a Tropical Island Wedding  

As you may assume, the sooner you start planning for this important day, the better! You and your fiancé need plenty of time to get all the necessities in order, and so do your guests. Destination weddings involve a lot more thought than a local wedding. So, get an early start to ensure everything is in place and your big day runs smoothly. 

Another factor to consider is the guests you want to invite but cannot make it. Whether it’s school, health, money, work, or any other limitation, not every one of your loved ones will be able to join you for your Caribbean wedding. Consider streaming your wedding live for those who cannot make it. Or, choose a skilled team of photographers and videographers to capture the day in-depth for the ones who are not there. 

Your Caribbean Wedding Timeline 

Every couple and wedding is different, so feel free to adjust the timeline to work for you! In general, stick to the following timeline to complete everything on time and plan the most magical Caribbean Wedding! 

1 Year Away 

  • Get started on the budget, including all travel expenses. 
  • Start a guest list. 
  • Research destinations and finalize your decision. Some of the most popular islands for Caribbean weddings are The Bahamas, Antigua, and Jamaica. 
  • Think through the marriage license. Some islands have specific requirements for a couple to be wed. Consider a civil ceremony at a local courthouse before your Caribbean wedding celebration. 
  • Apply for travel visas and passports. 
  • Choose a wedding planner and travel agent for your destination wedding. 
  • Set the date, book the venue, and reserve the honeymoon suite. 

9 – 11 Months to Go 

  • Choose the wedding party and have them set for their passports and other necessities. 
  • Send save the dates! 
  • Book hotel rooms for guests. 
  • Consider a wedding website to give your guests all the information they need. 
  • Plan other wedding events, like the bridal luncheon and rehearsal dinner. 
  • Choose your wedding outfits, whether dresses, tuxes, or both! 
  • Buy airline tickets as soon as possible. 
  • Search for vendors. 

6 – 8 Months from the Big Day 

  • Create your Caribbean wedding menu. 
  • Schedule dress fittings and wedding party outfits. 
  • Order or create your wedding invitations. 
  • Look into and decide on wedding day transportation. 
  • Book vendors and review contracts. 

3 – 5 Months from the Wedding Date 

  • Send invites. 
  • Purchase accessories and wedding bands. 
  • Make honeymoon plans! 

Only 6 – 8 Weeks More 

  • Confirm RSVPs. 
  • Write or practice wedding vows. 
  • Go over the shot list with your photographer. 
  • Finalize a timeline for the reception. 
  • Get the required vaccines for your Caribbean wedding. 
  • Buy the gifts for your family and wedding party. 
  • Consider making or ordering welcome bags for the guests. 

3 – 5 Weeks Away 

  • Send what you can’t take on the plane to your wedding coordinator. 
  • Schedule your final fittings. 
  • Pack for the big day! 

About a Week from Getting Married 

  • Confirm flights. 
  • Finalize seating charts. 
  • Check the weather. 
  • Head to the airport and arrive at your Caribbean wedding destination! 
  • Meet with the coordinator. 
  • Have your makeup and hair trails. 
  • Take some time for a mani-pedi, massage, or facial. 

The Day Before Your Caribbean Wedding 

  • Prepare wedding outfits. 
  • Enjoy your rehearsal dinner! 
  • Get some good sleep! 

Your Wedding Day! 

  • Give yourself plenty of time to get ready! It will take longer than you expect. 
  • Relax as much as possible. 
  • Be in the moment and soak in the beauty of your Caribbean wedding! 



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