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Where are the Best Places to Live in Dominican Republic?

31 Jan

Where are the Best Places to Live in Dominican Republic? 

If you dream of living in paradise, the Caribbean Islands are where you need to be. More specifically, to live in Dominican Republic is an incredible experience filled with relaxing mornings on the sandy beaches, delicious island dishes, and lively nights of music, dancing, and community! 

So, now that you know where you want to move to, you need to decide which are the best places to live on this tropical island. Read on to discover some of the top areas in the Dominican Republic, and get packing today! 

Why Live in Dominican Republic? 

Because this endless paradise has everything from hundreds of miles of coastline to heavily populated and bustling cities, it’s not easy to narrow down all the fantastic places to settle. After all, there are so many reasons why expats, digital nomads, business professionals, retirees, young couples, and families rave about their new lifestyle in the Dominican Republic. 

Let’s start by exploring why it’s such a great place to live. Maybe you will better understand what you’re most excited about when considering moving to this tropical island. 

  • Affordable: Living in Dominican Republic, you’ll notice how everything from housing and food to entertainment and luxuries are less expensive than in the United States and many other countries. Plus, their growing economy has been stable for a while and is predicted only to improve. 
  • Perfect Weather: Imagine living somewhere with an average temperature of 77 degrees F. That’s what you’ll get in this tropical paradise! It’s ideal for enjoying the great outdoors and promotes better mental health. 
  • Excellent Healthcare: One of the most critical living factors people overlook is the local healthcare system. The Dominican Republic has a thriving healthcare system that’s more affordable than in the United States. As a bonus, most healthcare workers speak English and the local language. 
  • Rich and Welcoming Culture: Influence from African, European, and indigenous people makes the Dominican Republic’s culture a beautiful blend! 
  • Straightforward Residency Process: Another excellent reason to live in Dominican Republic is the relatively easy residency process. 

Where Should You Live in Dominican Republic? 

Below are the top four places to live in Dominican Republic based on the experiences of those who have moved there for at least an extended period or permanently, enjoying the laid-back, simple way of life.  

1 | Casa de Campo 

If Dominican Republic private villas sound like your kind of island paradise, check out Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic! This resort was developed in 1975 and is not 7,000 acres, filled with some of the most luxurious houses in Dominican Republic, beautiful golf courses, and incredible places to eat. It’s one of the most expensive places to live in the country, but it’s an excellent choice for those looking for an upscale country club atmosphere. 

2 | Playa Dominicus 

For a bit of luxury with a small city feel, Playa Dominicus may be the right fit for you. It’s only about 20 minutes from the impressive Casa de Campo– For a taste of something more on the holidays, book a Casa de Campo rental and enjoy the best of both! 

Here, there are always plenty of tropical houses for sale, from more affordable and modest to equipped with private beach clubs and high security. 

3 | Las Terrenas 

Perhaps you want to live in the Dominican Republic for the slower lifestyle, lovely culture, and sunny beaches instead of tropical extravagance. In that case, consider the quiet coastal town of Las Terrenas. Its population is diverse, with people from all over the globe, but everyone has something in common. They’re enjoying the simple things in life, like charming family-owned restaurants with talented chefs, tranquil mornings on the shore, and supporting the community. 

The Las Terrenas real estate market is growing and offers more affordable houses in the Dominican Republic. Plus, it’s not far from the lively and history-filled city of Santo Domingo, the country’s capital. 

4 | Barahona 

Barahona, Dominican Republic, is another laid-back area of the country. In fact, it is undeveloped and quite the hidden gem! Barahona is a dream if you enjoy quiet, secluded beaches, affordable living, and simplicity. Hiking is unmatched in this pristine part of the Dominican Republic– The cloud forest is teeming with life, tropical plants, and scenery you’ll never forget! Barahona also grows delicious coffee.  


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