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Your Hiking Guide for the Caribbean Islands

07 Sep

Your Hiking Guide for the Caribbean Islands

The tropical Caribbean Islands are notorious for countless pristine beaches, turquoise water, and rich cultural elements. Not everyone thinks about the unimaginable experience of hiking through some of the islands’ most astonishing hikes. 

Use this hiking guide to dream up the best hiking journey and make it a reality! Continue reading to discover the Caribbean’s hottest destinations for passionate hikers. 

What Are the Best Caribbean Islands for Hiking? 

Hiking through the pristine ancient trails of the lush Caribbean trails is an incredible way to take in the island’s natural beauty, explore the history, and discover the roots of the people’s culture. And best of all, hiking through the Caribbean is the best way to return home with unbelievable memories of these tropical islands' flora, fauna, and other wonders. 

While you could always go island hopping, if you’re looking for the islands with the most stunning and majestic hiking experiences, you want to visit one known for its treks. That way, you can focus your entire trip on making it through several gorgeous trails filled with rare wildlife and breathtaking views.  

For this hiking guide, we must recommend three Caribbean destinations for passionate hikers– St. Lucia, Saba, and St. Kitts. 

St. Lucia:  

Embark on an adventure through the numerous trails in St. Lucia. A unique trait St. Lucia hikes offer is countless one-of-a-kind views of the island’s iconic twin peaks. From the ground, these towering mountains are unbelievably stunning. But climb trails to higher points and different locations, and you’ll catch unmatched views of the peaks that allow you to appreciate the formations more than ever before. 


If you’re searching for pristine and untouched hiking trails, Saba is the place to visit. Climb your way to the tip-top of a dormant volcano covered in a lush and thriving cloud forest. Saba is named “The Unspoiled Queen” for a reason– Anywhere you go, you’ll feel like the first person to witness such beauty. 

St. Kitts: More experienced hikers will fall in love with the protected trails of the small island’s National Park, consisting primarily of dense and lively rainforests. It’s the perfect opportunity to spot rare wildlife, like vervet monkeys and buzzing hummingbirds.  

The Top 5 Hiking Trails in the Caribbean 

What are you waiting for? Grab your camera, hiking boots, backpack of supplies, and an open mind to discover the best hiking trails in the Caribbean through this exciting hiking guide. 

1 | St. Lucia’s Gros Piton 

The very first adventure of our hiking guide is St. Lucia’s Gros Piton. Here, you’ll realize the world's vastness by making it to the rocky peak of the island’s most treasured features, Gros Piton, one of two towering peaks. After a challenging twisting trail through the rainforest, you’ll make it to the top of the mountain to catch an unbelievable view of the island and the glistening sea below. 

Bonus Hiking Guide Tip: This hiking trail is better reserved for more experienced hikers who aren't afraid of pushing themselves to the limit! 

2 | Dominican Republic’s Pico Duarte 

Reach new heights on the Pico Duarte trail in the Dominican Republic. There’s no other spot in this tropical region where you can get further than the ground. Pico Duarte is the tallest point in the entire Caribbean at 10,000 feet. Vigorously hike to the top to see the island from its most flattering and astonishing view. Then, descend the many levels showcasing different creatures, plants, and changing habitats. This hike will leave you with memories that last a lifetime. 

Bonus Hiking Guide Tip: From start to finish, this extensive hike takes most hikers two to three days to complete, spending on their speed. So, pack a lightweight tent and plenty of food and water for this remarkable trip. 

3 | Cayman Islands’ Mastic Trail 

The Mastic Trails is one of the easiest on our hiking guide, but that doesn’t mean it won’t leave you in awe. Perfect for beginners and leisurely hikers, the Cayman Islands’ Mastic Trail is famous for its easy-going, primarily flat paths that take you through the oldest forest on the island dating back two million years! Here, you may encounter the Cayman Islands’ rarest wildlife, including birds, snakes, frogs, and more. 

Bonus Hiking Guide Tip: Even better for inexperienced hikers, the National Trust of the Island offers tours to guide you through the swamps, mangroves, and meadows. 

4 | St. Kitts & Nevis’ Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park 

Discover historical wonders at Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park. This hiking trail is like no other– Dive into the island’s colonial history while taking in the breathtaking scene of the architectural spectacle of Brimstone Hill Fortress. Surrounding the several winding paths are unique views of the Caribbean Sea and local landscapes the colonial people once enjoyed. 

Bonus Hiking Guide Tip: Plan to take your time wandering around the National Park to read the informational signs that give you a glimpse into the fascinating colonial past of St. Kitts and Nevis. 

5 | St. Vincent’s La Soufriere 

Number five of our hiking guide concludes with a thrilling trek in St. Vincent. This adventure is for the bravest hikers because it takes place on the edge of an active volcano! The challenging climb takes you through a thriving rainforest, volcanic fields, then to the smoking mouth of the volcano. From the top, you’ll cherish the memorable views of St. Vincent. 

Bonus Hiking Guide Tip: 1979 was the last eruption of the volcano, and there’s always a chance for it to blow again. Use caution when hiking this thrilling trail. 



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