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25 Nov


Photo: Courtesy of @kirstenprins


Just 70 square miles, Aruba is a small gem basking in the warmth of the southern Caribbean. However, it is not only the bright sunshine, turquoise water, and white sand that make Aruba sparkle; it is the multifaceted blend of over 90 different nationalities among over 110 thousand residents living happily together.

Aruba's diverse people are known for their warm, friendly, and welcoming nature. They are inclusive of newcomers, and their sunny dispositions radiate throughout the island, earning Aruba's well-coined slogan "one happy island."

Photo: Courtesy of @ron4

In addition to Aruba's "happy" reputation, an unmistakable beauty and richness originate from its history, culture, architecture, music, art, handmade crafts and jewelry, and weekly Carrubian Festival.  

From Aruba's ancient Caquetio Indian roots, to its Spanish and Dutch rule, to its modern-day standing as a constituent country of the Netherlands, Aruba's history dates back centuries (aruba.com). Rock drawings and carvings created by the Caquetios can still be seen at Fontein Cave in Arikok National Park and at the Ayo Rock Formation. Their unique patterns and designs continue to influence Aruba's art, architecture, currency, fabric, and jewelry. They even can be found on T-shirts!

The bright and colorful Dutch architecture adds an artful, upbeat flare.

Photo: Courtesy of @ksd115

 Aruba's music is a medley of influences from all over the world infused with its own unique local rhythms, style, and beats. The Aruban art scene spans all forms of expression (aruba.com), ranging from open-air public art installations to mural projects that both locals and visitors enjoy.  Original Aruban art is plentiful in shops and street fairs, as are also handmade crafts and jewelry. Beaded necklaces are popular, and the handmade authenticity of the art, crafts, and jewelry adds a layer of cultural importance and visual beauty that permeates Aruba.

Every Thursday night is the Carrubian Festival held in San Nicolas (also known as "Sunrise City"). Music, costumes, food, and dancing in the streets bond locals and visitors alike in a joyous celebration of cultural heritage.