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5 of the Top Spas in the Caribbean Islands

17 May


5 of the Top Spas in the Caribbean Islands

Health and wellness have never been more important than in the last couple of years. Avoiding getting sick from COVID-19 has been at the forefront of our minds for so long now that we are all in need of some spa care. And a trip to the Caribbean can include that much-needed self-care, not to mention, it would be in the Caribbean Islands! 

Resorts are intended to provide relaxation, leisurely activities, and spa services. They are the largest lure the best resorts have to offer. When it is time to come off the beach and enjoy some wellness pampering, signing up for the various services these spas offer will further whisk you away from all your worries. 

Here are five of the top spas in the Caribbean Islands; and you should know that there are plenty more. 

1| Jamaica’s GoldenEye Hotel & Resort in Oracabessa: 

At the GoldenEye, you will not only stay at the former home of Ian Fleming (author of James Bond), but you will also experience ingredients like Jamaican wild lime, ginger, and pimento oil. 

2| Antigua’s Jumba Bay Resort: 

A five-room treatment center, this remote private island offers spa treatments reflective of the island’s history. Try the sugarcane, molasses, and rum treatments. 

3| Turks & Caicos’ Parrot Cay: 

For Dead Sea mud therapy, heavenly massages, and exquisite spa cuisine, you may even lose weight while indulging at Parrot Cay. 

4| St. Lucia’s The Body Holiday: 

The Body Holiday is about the entire wellness journey, including DNA testing to identify health issues and personalized treatments. 

5| Grenadine’s Petit St. Vincent: 

Stay in the treetops in rooms made of driftwood, and be sure to visit the extensive wine cellar at this resort spa. It is a favorite for boaters and dining on fresh lobster. 

Can you see why we felt it necessary to introduce you to the thought of a Caribbean getaway at one of the top resort spas? Plan your next spa stay at one of these or one of the many other luxurious places the Caribbean offers. 



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