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A Dog and Five Individuals Were Saved from a Sinking Boat Near Montserrat

01 Aug

A Dog and Five Individuals Were Saved from a Sinking Boat Near Montserrat 

On May 19th, a dog and five individuals were saved from a sinking boat near Montserrat after the yacht they were on started to take on water rapidly. 

According to the royal Montserrat Police, on May 19th, the crew and guests were led by Captain Darroux. They responded to a mayday call originating seven nautical miles north of Montserrat. 

Rescue Mission 

When they arrived on the scene of the yacht named Palma, they found five individuals on board. Police say the craft was taking on water at an alarming rate. After the Captain assessed the situation, he directed the guest and dog on board to abandon the vessel. 

The rescued guest was sailing from St Kitts to Guadeloupe and then to Martinique when the unfortunate incident occurred.  

When the rescued party arrived at Port Little Bay, a Montserrat Fire and Rescue Service team led by Fire Officer Sheldon White was there to provide medical assistance. The Red Cross was informed of the sinking vessel and was able to provide assistance as well. 

The police said that the Captain of the sinking yacht was very appreciative that those on board were rescued. Arrangements were made to take the guest to Guadeloupe on May 20th. 

Life-Saving Equipment 

Designated Person Ashore Courtney Rodney wants to remind readers and captains to always have safety equipment on board your vessel, like a working radio, life jackets, flares, and other life-saving equipment onboard in case of an emergency. This kind of equipment can be life-saving for you and those you have on board. 


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