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A Glimpse into the 2022 Hurricane Season

08 Mar

A Glimpse into the 2022 Hurricane Season

As fast as this year is going, Hurricane Season in the Caribbean will be here before you know it. And being informed is the best way to know when to expect the storms and when it is most safe to visit the islands. In this glimpse into the predictions for the 2022 Hurricane Season, we'll get to know the weather of the Caribbean and help you decide when to travel and where to vacation this year. 

Weather in the Caribbean 

The weather patterns in the Caribbean are a constant tropical bliss. You see, the temperatures in the summer and winter months only differ by about ten degrees. In the summer, the highs are in the high 80s'. And in the winter months, the temperatures bottom out in the low 80's. So, year-round, there is fantastic weather in the Caribbean. 

What's more, during the rainy months, the showers are short-lived. And that is good news for all the beach lovers that travel to the islands. 

November through June are the best months to plan a vacation to the Caribbean. When you get into the months of July, August, September, and October, you run the chance of canceled plans due to Hurricane activity. 

Hurricane Season in the Caribbean 

According to the findings by The Colorado State University Tropical Meteorology Project, there is a significant chance the Caribbean will see a higher-than-average hurricane season. They estimate 13 – 16 named storms, six to eight hurricanes, and two or three major hurricanes in 2022. 

Similarly, the studies published from the University College London, UK predict three Intense Hurricanes, eight hurricanes, and 18 tropical storms. And Colorado State University studies found a 65% chance for an above-average season for storm activity. 

Plan Your Travel Around the 2022 Hurricane Season 

The official Hurricane Season for the Caribbean Islands is June 1 through November 30, with the majority hitting August to October. The month of September is the most active, by far.  

Good news! If you need to travel during those particular months, there are still islands you can visit. You will want to stay south of the "Hurricane Alley." 

The recommended islands would include the following: 

  • Aruba 
  • Bonaire 
  • Curacao 
  • Grenada 
  • Trinidad and Tobago 

These islands rarely feel the activity of the storms north of them. 

It is also wise to invest in travelers' insurance and ensure the hotel you stay in has hurricane plans and procedures. 

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