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Action Needed to Prevent Poor Nutrition and Food Insecurity in the Caribbean

22 Aug

Action Needed to Prevent Poor Nutrition and Food Insecurity in the Caribbean

Many people swear by taking vitamins for a healthy life. And others can scarcely afford to put any food on the table—much less add a vitamin regimen to their expenses. That is why it is essential to be aware of the issues concerning nutrition and the people of the Caribbean as well as other countries battling food insecurity. 

The Food Insecurity Factor 

Food insecurity is a growing issue for the people of the Caribbean and all over the world. In fact, studies show that “severe food insecurity has increased by 72%” in the past couple of years. Undoubtedly, balanced nutrition is one of the last things those fighting for their next meal are concerned with. 

Cooperatives like CARICOM and World Food Program have been tracking the troubling trend. Those findings revealed that the reasons for the increase are partly due to food availability, access, financial lack, and a deficit of proper food education. The rise in food prices since the pandemic has exacerbated the devastation. 

Dietary Supplements/Vitamins 

Supporting a healthy body and mind requires good nutrition, but not everyone can access healthy food. That is not news. But the average person (not suffering from malnutrition) lacks several vital nutrients such as calcium, potassium, and vitamins like A, B, and D. 

Pair this finding with a lack of regular meals and pile a global pandemic on there, and you have the perfect storm for mass hunger and a severe shortage of healthy and able youth. That is a real problem for the future generations of the Caribbean Islands and beyond. 

The Healthy Solution 

If you felt a bit of a charge from reading this paragraph heading- hold on. You see, there are no answers as of yet. Many companies and charities are working on the issue; that is good. Will it be quick enough? Can we ever stop hunger? That is a longer article. 

Suffice it to say that all people, no matter their economic standing, must be aware of the extreme need and the lasting effect on future generations. There is no time like the present to provide for, educate, and assist those battling poor nutrition, food insecurity, and post-pandemic devastation. 

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