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Barbados Launches New Tourism Campaign: "Little Island Big Barbados"

02 Jul

Photo: Courtesy of avanti_photo 

Barbados Launches New Tourism Campaign: "Little Island Big Barbados" 

As Barbados continues to open up tourism following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and prepares to welcome back source markets (, Barbados capitalizes on its small size and big personality with its new marketing campaign titled "Little Island Big Barbados."  

Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI) launched Barbados' newly told story and highlights three core elements: personality, tone, and pattern mosaic. The campaign focuses on promoting Barbados' niche areas such as cuisine, heritage, nature, and the Barbadian people ( The new marketing appeal also promotes Barbados as a safe travel destination during the COVID-19 pandemic ( 

Barbados may be a small island (just 21 miles in length), but it is packed with a large amount of culture, beauty, and character despite its tiny size. Barbados' "big" personality, which includes its flavors, legacy, family, vibes, adventure, love, sports, and music, will be utilized in the following activities and events to market the island: (  

  • Little Barbados Big Summer 
  • Little Island Big Treasure Hunt 
  • Barbados in a Box Workshop--which will see Betty West tutor visitors on how to make a Crop Over harvest festival costume 
  • National mural competition--events targeted at achieving Guinness World Records titles 
  • The relaunch of some attractions--such as Harrison's Cave. 

According to the Ministry of Tourism and International Transport, Senator Lisa Cummins, "We are standing here proud of this little, big island. We are little in size, population, geopolitical significance, and ready resources, but we are big on ambition, big on resilience, big on facing and fixing problems...We are big on travel and tourism; we are big on the people who constitute our tourism and travel industry, [and] we are big on destination Barbados" ( 

Cummins also notes that the Ministry has been "advocating and agitating for inclusion on lists of countries approved for travel, while at the same time fighting to be taken off lists she believes the country had no right to be on" ( Likewise, she states that "Barbados is actively participating in global safety travel initiatives, such as the IATA travel pass" (  



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