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Best Caribbean Islands for Scuba Diving

21 Feb

Best Caribbean Islands for Scuba Diving

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind scuba dive experience, the Caribbean Islands provide just that! The water in the Caribbean is among the most transparent oceans you can find in the world, offering the ability to see coral and all types of sea life and explore depths you've never been to. Follow along for the best Caribbean islands for scuba diving. 

Top 3 Islands to Scuba Dive 

Some of the best Caribbean Islands for scuba diving are Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, Saint Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, and Antigua. 

1| St. Croix- To start your incredible scuba dive, begin at the North end of the shore, and find the deepest dives along the wall. Twin Palms and Cane Bay allow guests easy access to a 10–15-minute swim to the edge of that wall. The clarity of the water is around 100 feet or more. Therefore, divers can find squid, sea turtles, and hawksbills in a broad view. 

2| Cozumel- If you are seeking a challenge, even if you are one of the most experienced divers, you can find that here in Cozumel. There's a place on the southern tip of the island where things get crazy. It's known as the "Devil's Throat," where a narrow tunnel in the wall spits divers out at 130 feet. 

3| Roatan- Roatan is a lively community for divers. Not only does it offer 110-foot visibility for guests, but locals and visitors also participate in deep sea fishing while also letting their dive flag fly. If you choose to dive here, you can meet plenty of other diving buddies while catching glimpses of rowdy grouper and more. 

Your Caribbean Dive Trip 

Book your next scuba dive trip (or your first one) and visit one of the top three islands for scuba diving. We promise you will be more than satisfied with all the islands offer-- fantastic food, great restaurants, and endless sea life. Come dive with the locals at one of the Best Caribbean Islands for Scuba Diving. 


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