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Good News: Travel Restrictions Lifted in the Dominican Republic

25 May

Good News: Travel Restrictions Lifted in the Dominican Republic 

If the whole world is waiting to travel again, well, so is the Dominican Republic. And now, you can travel to the DR as you could before with a few post-pandemic exceptions. So if you are looking to escape the norm and indulge in the Caribbean waters, try a captivating vacation in the Dominican. 

Travel Restrictions as of May 2021 

Restrictions have been lifted following the Responsible Tourism Recovery Plan. If you want to vacation in the DR, you will no longer need to provide a negative PCR or COVID-19 test as they arrive.  

Here is what you can expect: 

  1. Air and Ship ports will perform an aleatory breath test on random passengers and any presenting with symptoms.  
  2. Visitors will also have a temperature check upon arrival. 
  3. Those with symptoms or those who tested positive will be isolated for the required quarantine time.  
  4. Additionally, there is no vaccination requirement or quarantine mandate. 
  5. Hotels will offer viral antigen testing to international visitors. 
  6. Arrivals must have a complete electronic entry and exit report (E-ticket) generating a QR code for customs. 
  7. Free temporary health plans will be given to all international visitors on commercial flights and staying in a hotel. 

Dominican Republic Safety Precautions 

Of course, the Dominicans would still like to kindly ask all tourists to maintain the usual protocol for social distancing, hand washing, masks, and the like.  

Again, the good news is the DR is open for travel, and folks can feel safe coming to our part of the Caribbean once more. 

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