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Calling for a Halt on Haitian Deportations

09 Nov

Calling for a Halt on Haitian Deportations 

You heard it right. Caribbean American legislators are outraged over the deportation of Haitian migrants from southern Texas. And they are asking President Biden for a halt on Haitian deportations. 

Congresswoman Yvette D Clarke told the Caribbean Media Corporation, “More than 14,000 Haitians will be expelled from the United States in the coming weeks, and it is unconscionable DHS [Department of Homeland Security] would seek to return Haitian migrants to a country in turmoil,” Then she continued with the following statement. “My colleagues and I have repeatedly spoken out and penned numerous letters requesting the ceasing of targeted deportations of Haitian migrants.” 

In her statement, she cited how dangerous and unnecessary this practice is. Because Haiti is continuing to ache from the crisis they have recently endured like the below. 

  • They face epic coronavirus effects and vaccine hesitancy. 
  • The political crisis was made worse by the assignation of their President Jovenek Moise. 
  • Increased gang violence leaves people with little choice. 
  • And then there was the terrible earthquake. And it was followed by a storm and landslides. Just the earthquake alone left 800,000 families affected and 650,000 still in need of assistance. 

These events have left the country devastated, and its people are suffering. 

Furthermore, Clarke pleaded, “I am calling for a humanitarian moratorium on these targeted deportations. Now, more than ever, we must reimagine the immigration system in a humane, just and fair manner.” In fact, several elected officials across the country work together to support these families who are currently being processed to learn where to go next. 

With the country in such incredible turmoil, they are pleading for whatever help they can get including the halt on Haitian deportations. So,  if that means some of their people need to seek refuge in another country, so be it. The goal is to make Haitian natives strong again in any way necessary. 

Finally, Bichotte Hermelyn, chair of the Brooklyn Democratic Party, added, “America is a land built by immigrant families, and I firmly believe these asylum-seekers should be afforded the opportunity to start anew, free of the risks of political persecution in a nation facing significant instability.” 


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