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Caribbean Queens Rule Miss Universe Competition

17 Feb

Caribbean Queens Rule Miss Universe Competition

Yes, they most certainly did! The Caribbean representatives fortunate to participate in this year’s competition proved, once again, Caribbean queens rule Miss Universe. Six amazing women from the Caribbean islands took the stage in the top 16, and the islands couldn’t be prouder. 

Take a minute to get to know these six Caribbean Queens of 2023. 

Six Caribbean Queens to Know 

Let’s get to know Kiara Arends. She is an intelligent and beautiful 24-year-old lawyer. Kiara focuses on international business and tax laws and speaks four languages. As Miss Aruba, Kiara was in Miss Universe 2023, representing the Dutch Caribbean Islands. 

Miss Bahamas is a 28-year-old private banker named Angel Cartwright. She uses her platform to promote conservation for our planet earth because “There is No Planet B.” Cartwright is the first Bahamian to obtain an international MBA and a dual Master of Science. 

Gabriela Dos Santos represents beautiful Curacao. At only 20 years old, she’s a motivational speaker with the hopes of having a future in TV hosting. 

Despite getting the coronavirus, model Andreina Martinez competed in Miss Universe, representing the Dominican Republic. She was awarded 2nd runner-up in 2023’s Miss Universe. 

Miss Jamaica is Toshami Calvin, who loves the outdoors. She enjoys swimming in the rivers back home in Jamaica. This well-versed 26-year-old is a registered behavioral technician and therapy provider for children that have autism. 

Miss Puerto Rico hopes to be the first pageant winner to go to space. Ashley Carino is 28 years old and has a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Her ultimate goal is to work for NASA. 

Congratulations to All the Caribbean Queens for 2023 

Congratulations to each of the fantastic women who represented the Caribbean in Miss Universe 2023. It has been 17 years since we had a Miss Universe come from the islands. But, whether or not the Caribbean ladies made it to the top, they are an amazing representation of who these countries are and what they stand for! 

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