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Celebrating Easter in The Caribbean

16 Mar

Celebrating Easter in The Caribbean

The Caribbean celebrates Easter for the season of Lent and the holiday season. Lent is the six weeks prior to Easter when traditions are observed for those of the Christian faith. Like many countries, Easter in the Caribbean recognizes Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, death, and resurrection.  

Over time these traditions have changed slightly. But in the Caribbean, Easter is on the same level of importance as Christmas is in America. Here are a few of the Caribbean Easter celebrations you will want to know about if you plan to travel to the islands over the Easter holiday. 

Easter Food Traditions 

The Caribbean has time-honored traditions, holds colorful celebrations, and eats wonderful food. When it comes to Easter, there are certain various food items they avoid, and those they include in the celebration of Christ's sacrifice. 

Eating Fish on Good Friday- On Good Friday, the Caribbean eats only fish for meals. And on that day, they avoid eating meat from animals. No beef, lamb, or chicken gets cooked to ensure there is enough meat for the Easter weekend. 

Hot Cross Buns: Hot cross buns are a Christian tradition marked with a white cross. These delicious rolls are soft and sweet, mixed with cinnamon and spice. Different parts of the bun as a representation of Jesus's crucifixion. 

Family Activities for Easter 

Egg Breaking: In some parts of the Caribbean, the believers break a fresh egg outside at a precise time and place a container of holy water on it. Then on Holy Thursday, a pattern will form that they say predicts the future. 

Folkloric Parade: Believe it or not, this parade is the second largest parade to be held on the Caribbean islands-- and they have plenty of parades! During the Folkloric parade, the streets are transformed, and people gather to dance and celebrate the harvest. Locals will dress up in folkloric costumes that are both colorful and entertaining. 

Kite Flying: Flying kites' is a symbol of Jesus's resurrection and ascension into Heaven. Massive kites are made with creative designs and are flown on Easter weekend when the weather is warm and the winds are just right for the activity. 

No Beach on Good Friday: This tradition is not very popular with tourists. Still, legend has it that if you step foot into the ocean on Good Friday, you will turn into a fish. That concept is exceptionally far-fetched, but it comes down to saying that if you go to the beach on Good Friday, it is bad luck.  

Whether you choose to join in and celebrate with the Caribbeans or watch from afar, it is, indeed, a fun time to visit the Caribbean islands. 


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