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Celebrating the Independence of Antigua and Barbuda

24 Nov

Celebrating the Independence of Antigua and Barbuda

The Caribbean Community joins Antigua and Barbuda in celebration of its 39th Anniversary of Independence. With this year's theme being "One Purpose, One Vision, One Nation," a virtual Flag Raising Ceremony issued a warm welcome to all those watching in celebration.

Gaining independence on November 1st, 1981, the Union Jack was replaced with the Antiguan Flag, and the Antiguan National Anthem was sung. In celebration, the islands usually throw a weeklong party complete with food, festivals, parades, and more. In this time of the global pandemic, virtual celebrations are encouraged as the twin islands' people keep safe.

Coming together as twin islands and with the Caribbean community has never been so crucial as it is now in the 2020 Covid times. Encouraging one another is an essential part of sustaining the progress made by each and every Caribbean country.

Secretary-General Ambassador Irwin LaRocque of CARICOM (the Caribbean Community) sent an encouraging message to Prime Minister Mr. Gaston Browne, saying the following.

"Antigua and Barbuda has made remarkable progress in those 39 years, which is the result of hard work by a resolute people in their quest for growth, sustainable development and the well-being of the country."

As the Prime Minister addressed the viewers of the virtual Flag Raising Ceremony, he encouraged the people to continue with efforts to rebuild the community and celebrate responsibly. With Covid-19 Protocols in place, the climate of celebration is very different, no doubt. But the people and the hearts of Antigua and Barbuda remain.



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