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Crazy Things Tourists Do in The Caribbean

17 Oct

Crazy Things Tourists Do in The Caribbean 

Have you ever stopped to watch the tourists in the region that you live in? Do you feel like some of the things that they do are crazy, but they don't know it? This article is going to cover crazy things tourists do in the Caribbean, and hopefully, you will get a chuckle!  

Besides a good laugh, this informational article will teach you how to interact with the locals, how to be a good tourist, what to avoid, and more. 

Practicing Common Courtesy 

When visiting a new country, whether it's an island or in the valleys of Italy, it's essential to recognize and say hello to the locals and people out at markets, people you encounter when you go to a restaurant, and so on. The Caribbean loves to have visitors to their beautiful country. Your kindness shows them you are appreciative and friendly when you interact with them. 

Consider Your Clothing Choices 

You may not know, but many shops in St. Maarten that tourists visit are next to government offices and other important buildings. Many business owners and employees find it more appropriate when tourists are covered up while walking around town or shopping.  

"Everybody's really pushing the beach scene, and we're pushing the shopping on the front street, which is parallel to the beach. I can totally understand that," she said. "We have lost our way of actually communicating to the visitors that it's actually not exactly nice for you to be walking half-naked in the street.", said a St. Maarten business owner. 

Mistakes to Avoid 

If you have never been to the Caribbean before, here are a few things to avoid while visiting: 

  • If you only spend your vacation at your hotel or rental, you will never get to know what the area is like and get to meet the friendly locals. 
  • Thinking you will get to places quickly may be a mistake. Allow time for traveling, even if the island is small. 
  • Only visiting during the popular seasons pouts you there when they are the busiest. Many of the businesses are grateful for traffic in the slower season and will show their appreciation. 
  • Not interacting with the locals, you really miss out on culture and some great stories! 
  • Eating at chain restaurants only will not allow you to taste the island cuisine! 
  • Assuming everyone speaks your language is one of the biggest mistakes. Try to learn a word or two before you go! 

Booking All-Inclusive Resorts 

We get it; all-inclusive resorts seem like the easiest way to experience a new place! The locals are saying booking an all-inclusive resort can actually take away from your experiences in the Caribbean.  

All-inclusive resorts have everything you can ask for right there. Still, if you step out for just a few hours a day, you could have some of the most beautiful experiences in a new country. Feel free to talk to the locals to get activity ideas and have a great Caribbean vacation! 



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