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Cruise Safety 101

07 Feb

Cruise Safety 101 

Time to plan that vacation? If you are considering going on a cruise for the first time, you may be worried and wondering about safety facts. There are a few different things to consider when making your decision. So, to help with your concerns, continue to read along for cruise safety 101. 

Cruise Safety: COVID Concerns 

With the last few years of COVID, we are all a bit overwhelmed with the information and misinformation circulating out there. The good news is cruise lines follow the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), and mandates have been lifted. Still, it gets complicated regarding each cruise line and its requirements, along with the countries they visit. 

Our best advice regarding this concern is to stay current on your cruise line's latest news and requirements. Even days ahead of your cruise, double and triple check requirements so your trip is not missed. 

Each cruise line is consistent in keeping the ship and its amenities as clean as possible, and they now have fewer touchpoints. You can find several handwashing stations and hand sanitizer pumps on the ship. No one will oppose you wearing a mask if it makes you feel safer. 

Additional COVID Safety Available: 

  • Staggered boarding times. 
  • Enhanced air filtration systems. 
  • Medical professionals with extensive COVID training. 

Cruise Safety: Non-COVID Concerns 

Many people who have never traveled on a cruise ship have concerns and even sometimes fears about how certain things on a cruise ship work. 

Weather- The weather is something that is tracked carefully every single day. The ships will always abide by the safest course of action, even if it means pushing an itinerary back. 

Ships are built with many different safety features based on their center of gravity and buoyancy. Guest safety will always be a priority. 

Destination Safety- If your concern is about destination safety, that is understandable. This is a country you have never been to, and most of the time, you are on foot exploring the city. 

The best thing you can do for yourself is to listen carefully to the Captain's announcements each morning before you disembark. They will provide you with the most accurate news when it comes to the safety of the location. Always stay vigilant no matter what. 

Cruise ships will also not go to destinations that put their guests in direct danger. So, keep that in mind and enjoy your vacation to the fullest! 


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