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Cruising Unvaccinated

20 Jul

Cruising Unvaccinated 

Do you love cruising? Have you been aching to get back out on the open waters and feel the breeze blowing in your hair again? Is the idea of no cooking, endless entertainment, and Caribbean destinations what you have been waiting for all pandemic? If so, you are not alone. So many people are asking if they can begin cruising unvaccinated. 

The good news is that all the major cruise lines are gearing up to begin sailing the high seas again. They are excited to welcome guests again after this long hiatus. And rightly so. However, there will be significant changes in the cruise line safety and health protocols. Vaccinated cruise members should have minimal changes made to their experience. While the cleaning crew will be much more active and visible, other behind-the-scenes things will be done to ensure safety for all guests. 

Is Cruising Unvaccinated Accepted? 

Accepted, yes, but recommended, no. All major cruise lines recommend that passengers get vaccinations before cruising to promote safety for all. So, if you choose to go unvaccinated, be ready for additional procedures. 

  • Any unvaccinated guests will need to produce a negative test from the past 72 hours before boarding. 
  • Then there is a test administered at the terminal. 
  • Finally, there will be a test given to all unvaccinated guests 24 hours before disembarking. 
  • Also, Unvaccinated guests will dine separately and not be able to utilize flexible dining. 
  • Events and shows that do not have mask requirements will be off-limits to the unvaccinated. 
  • And masks will be worn by all unvaccinated guests over the age of 15. 

The last two tests will cost the guest an additional $136. And then, some excursion destinations and places to disembark may not even let you leave the ship. That all depends on each local government. 

The Cruise Lines 

Listen, no one is happier to be sailing again than the cruise industry itself. But safety protocols must be adhered to for staff and passenger safety and a return to cruising. 

Celebrity Cruises will have 100% of staff vaccinated and require 95% of passengers to be vaccinated. 

Royal Caribbean will ensure 90% of passengers are vaccinated. 

Carnival Vista and Carnival Breeze will sail with only vaccinated passengers. 

Norwegian Cruise Line is also requiring %100 vaccinated guests. 

Therefore, if you are in the “cruising unvaccinated” group, please be sure to check with each cruise line to see what you can and cannot do to ease the process and comply with the new normal. 


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