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Dominica's Government Donates 51 New Climate Resilient Homes

14 Jun


Photo courtesy of ASphotostudio 

Dominica's Government Donates 51 New Climate Resilient Homes

With more than 1500 homes already built and gifted to beneficiaries selected through a comprehensive process, the government of Dominica aims to construct and distribute more than 5,000 climate-resilient homes to people who lost their residences in 2017 due to the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Maria (  

On April 7, 2022, Prime Minister of Dominica, Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit, handed over 51 new climate-resilient homes in the Roseau Central Constituency ( Located on the Upper River Bank, these one-, two-, and three-bedroom units at the City Breeze Apartments are spacious, modern, and built to the highest standards ( "Both buildings, substructure and superstructure, are [made with] reinforced concrete including all the internal partitions in the buildings" (  

According to MMC Development Ltd, which has been at the forefront of various housing and infrastructure developments in Dominica, the Roseau Upper Riverbank Housing Development is like no other because one of the two buildings will have nine units for commercial purposes, two of which will be used for arts & craft and a tech center (,  

According to Skerrit, "This gift of quality, resilient shelter from the Government and People of Dominica assures residents greater peace, security, and comfort; and an enhanced sense of belonging and independence...My heart is filled with gladness for 51 families of the Roseau Central Constituency, who received keys to new homes" ( 

Parliamentary Representative of the Roseau Central Constituency, Melissa Poponne-Skerrit, addressed the handing over ceremony saying, "It's a heartwarming occasion for these families who have waited long for the blessing of a new home which offers peace, comfort, security, and constant river breeze," ( Poponne-Skerrit is confident that while there were hundreds of applications for these apartments, the most deserving have been selected ( 

As part of its "build back better" initiative (, the government has also refurbished dozens of private homes in Roseau, which has benefited several senior citizens ( Dominica's government is committed to providing quality housing, as it believes housing is a fundamental right of citizens ( 


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