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Dominica's National Airport is Making Advancements

20 Jul

Dominica's National Airport is Making Advancements 

Dominica's Prime Minister recently announced he wants the government to advance work on the Dominica National Airport. So, what kind of work still needs to be completed to see that Dominica's national airport is making advancements? 

"Significant work has been done, we discussed with the developers and contractors to advance the work to have a shorter period of time to complete the construction [of the international airport]," Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit was quoted by Associates Times. "The discussions are being held, and a strategy is being placed forward to advance the work." 

The Dominican Republic is equipped with seven airports, each located near the coastline and the most popular destinations. Dominica's National Airport is making these changes to one of their national airports to continue convenience for their guests. 

Completed Work for Dominica's National Airport 

On the 11-acre airport at Wesley in Dominica, the land has been leveled and cleared, and equipment has been moved to the area directly. 

Since 2021 the Dominica International Airport project has taken a long time to have the funds, support, and supplies. 

At last, the Dominican government signed an agreement with MMC Development Ltd. to start construction for the airport. 

Bringing Jobs to Dominica 

So far, we know that 94 Dominicans are employed at the construction site. The 94 employees on the site only include some of the people. This number does not include the ones delivering products to the site in trucks. 

"The Government is on top of ensuring that Dominicans get work. I have seen a number of people from Wesley opt out of the National Employment Programme (NEP) because they are engaged in the construction of the international airport," Skerrit said. 


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