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Fire Devastates Guanaja, Honduras

05 Nov

Fire Devastates Guanaja, Honduras

On Saturday, October 2, a fire blazed through Guanaja, a Caribbean resort island destroying over 200 homes and businesses. The island is located east of Belize and just north of Honduras. And according to sources, “Residents were forced to douse the flames themselves with buckets of water.”  

In the panic, at least 400 people fled by boat. Sadly, those folks have lost everything, from homes to food and clothing. In the months to come, they will need water, oxygen, and more. 

It may seem hard to imagine, but the Honduran island of Guanaja has no fire service. And the devastation from this fire is letting everyone know just how much it is needed. 

In his report of the incident, Max Gonzales of the National System for Risk Management and National Contingencies states that no lives were lost, but the material losses were many. Fighting the blaze as best they could were helicopters from the Honduran air force. 

Guanaja: An Island Worth Restoring 

Restoring this area and the people of Honduras will be of utmost importance to keep the place alive and well. Thankfully, people are learning of the fire and are willing to lend a hand. 

You see, the island’s resort is primarily tourism-dependent as one of Honduras’s beautiful Bay Islands, or Islas de la Bahia. The islands here function as their own countries, without the hassle and danger of more significant island issues and violence. Guanaja is known for its stunning coral reef, dolphin activity, and activities such as snorkeling and diving. The Island has been awarded a few nicknames. For good reason, two of those names include “Jewel of the Bay” and “Venice of Honduras” because of the waterways flowing throughout the island. 


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