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Free Medical for Youth Offered by Dominica-China Friendship Hospital

13 Jun

Free Medical for Youth Offered by Dominica-China Friendship Hospital

The Prime Minister of Dominica says the Dominica-China Friendship Hospital has a lot to offer, and he is not wrong. Prime Minister Skerrit recently shared with the public at a recent conference letting the public know that there will be “high-class and modern services” provided by the hospital. Furthermore, it was announced the care would be available to patients 16-18 years old. 

Impactful Changes from Free Medical for Youth 

“There’s a policy in place in the Dominica government that people who are within the age of 16 to 18 would be provided with free medical care,” Skerrit stated, adding that the policy won’t change until the administration decides to. Additionally, the Prime Minister added that the policy won’t change until the administration decides to change it. Here are some of the facts pertaining to the changes being made. 

  • Dominica-China Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility that costs over 40 million US dollars. 
  • The first phase of the hospital was opened on Friday, September 6th, 2019. 
  • Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit and his wife Melissa Skerrit cut the ribbon to formally start the hospital services. 
  • In December of 2022, at the event Melissa Poponne Skerrit for Roseau Central Constituency, Skerrit emphasized that the Dominica-China Friendship Hospital can now provide cancer treatments that were not accessible to the small island. 

All efforts will lead to a healthier youth population in Dominica. 

Becoming Something Bigger and Better for the Youth of Dominica 

Skerrit’s original plan for the hospital hasn’t been fully implemented yet. Still, with the help of other organizations, Dominica hopes to have an adequate state-of-the-art facility for the youth of Dominica. 

With further assistance from the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program, Dominica was able to build clinics with MMC Development Ltd. This Dubai-based firm was essential to the housing for the government of Dominica. 

“When we couple this achievement with the soon to be completed hotels and housing complexes, Dominicans here and abroad will be able to boast of having the best hotels, public housing, and public health care in the entire English-speaking Caribbean,” the Prime Minister proudly declared.  

With cooperation and continued support, Dominica is well on its way to something bigger, indeed. 


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