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Gender Equality in the Caribbean Islands

05 Apr


Gender Equality in the Caribbean Islands

Gender Equality is a hot topic today, and the concern grows daily. With so many groups getting on the bandwagon to support one cause or another, perhaps one of the most essential for the Caribbean Islands is the fight against gender inequality. 

Gender Equality means that men, women, and children must have equal rights, opportunities, resources, and protection. Fortunately, many groups are working toward that goal. 

“Building a strong and resilient Caribbean demands the equal involvement of women and men. The Caribbean has made significant progress in gender equality in recent years, particularly in women’s education and their participation in the labor force. But more remains to be done to push the frontier to equal opportunity.” – 

Partners Supporting Women’s Equality in the Caribbean 

The more the people can do to progress the concept of equality, the stronger the future generations of the Caribbean Islands will be. Historically speaking, Caribbean women and girls face the same biases and gaps in equality their ancestors faced. 

Gender equality does not merely benefit the women and girls of the islands. When the boys are raised to respect women, they have a better chance of becoming successful themselves. 

Gender equality in the Caribbean can change years of wrongs and put people on the path to a bright new future. And that is precisely why the Caribbean supporters are coming together to support the initiatives set for by the following leaders in equality. 

  1. The United Nations Country Team in Jamaica supports women as they build resistance against the ravages of climate change. 
  2. The EnGenDER project of the UK and Canada offered the help of UN Women to aid and support the women of Jamaica in craft markets and beyond. 
  3. International Women’s Day 2022, which is now passed, supported the initiatives with a theme of “Gender equality for a sustainable tomorrow.” 
  4. UNICEF for Latin America and the Caribbean expresses their concern for the years of extreme inequality in the Caribbean. 
  5. CARICOM has developed an initiative called “Digital Skills & CARICOM Girls in ICT,” hoping to convince women and girls that they have a place in business, technology, and more. 

Seeing more women in business, technology, medicine, and entrepreneurship will have a more significant impact on the communities of the Caribbean Islands than most people know. 

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