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Get to Know Heritage Education Funds International

16 Nov

Get to Know Heritage Education Funds International

According to recent news, Proven Investments Limited has acquired Heritage Funds International. This acquisition includes management and distribution of the Heritage International Scholarship Trust Foundation. And if you are asking what Heritage is, we are glad you are asking. 

Heritage Education Funds in the Caribbean 

Heritage serves the Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, and Jamaica with financial educational planning. Since 1983, it has enrolled more than 50,000 children into the plan. With Heritage, Caribbean residents in these four countries are encouraged to invest in their children's futures through low-risk, high-performance planning. These safe and affordable plans are helping the students of the Caribbean nations reach their highest educational goals and dream bigger than previous generations. 

For over 20 years, Heritage has been offering these Education Savings Plans to the families of the Caribbean. The benefits of a Heritage Savings Plan are listed as follows. 

  • Flexible payout options at plan maturity 
  • Options for several contribution periods 
  • Consistent and competitive returns in U.S. Dollars 

To date, Heritage has returned millions of dollars in payouts to beneficiaries, according to their website. With this, they hope for improved growth and educational possibilities for all the boys and girls of the Caribbean. 

Proven in the Caribbean 

Of the acquisition, Carrie Russell, President and CEO, Knowledge First Foundation and Knowledge First Financial Inc, recently stated the following. "This transaction will strengthen the company, providing local leadership that has a keen sense of the market and its distinct needs." 

Likewise, Johann Heaven, Head of Banking & Wealth at Proven, had this to say. 

"We deem this as complementary to our current financial services offerings that posit an opportunity to not only widen our presence in the wealth management space throughout the Caribbean but more importantly; to improve on efficiencies, client touchpoints and digital enhancements for stakeholders."  

Additionally, Proven Fund Managers will change its name to International Financial Planning Jamaica Limited.  

Proven & Heritage: Forwarding Education in the Caribbean Together 

Higher educational plans in the Caribbean have long been a concern for the island nations. Improving the economic system in these areas will help to retain and sustain university graduates. And where more are educated, the value and importance placed on education increases. Proven and Heritage are working as one to continue educational planning for Caribbean students. 


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